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Another weekend going going gone!

Ah the webs we weave....even though I didn't 'technically' lie me and JC know the truth! After my whole drama with the bdance decision I emailed my instructor and told her that Keith had reminded me about our previous commitment Saturday night, a house party at a friend who lives out of town and thus we would be spending the night and wouldn't be making it back till later in the afternoon. Now. The truth is it was T's party BUT she does live in a different town than me! And we did spend the night cause we were drinking and whatnot. See? Not a lie..the truth! I stretched it till it nearly broke but yah there was the hint of truth in there. And the whole kicker in this? My instructor never even got the email! She thought it was spam and deleted it! And just to add insult to injury she did have my cell number and tried calling it. And this is the god honest truth - my cell was near dead so I had turned it off while we were at a seminar and I never turned it back on! Heh. I guess next time I'm just gonna have to cut the crap and say no! Although next time I should be way better prepared and I will say yes!

So the syrup festival. Last year it was cold and drizzly I believe and this year there was sun and the weather was absolutely beautiful. I can honestly say that I preferred last years. OMG the crowd was crazy huge. I mean you could not even walk one step without being stepped on and stepped over and yah it was chaos. It was absolutely nuts. But? Of course I still loved it. We had awoke just after 7 but we didn't make it out the door till almost 9 and thus didn't make it to the festival till 10. We spent half an hour in traffic and then a while longer looking for free parking but finally had to admit defeat and pay $5 and walk in. We walked to the pancake line (the whole reason behind the festival) and wow the line was so big I couldn't stop laughing as there was no way I was going to waste 2 hours of my life waiting to eat 2 freakin pancakes! Instead we wandered the festival, had some non breakfast food, bought a few things (got my kettle corn!) and then on the way back to the car there was a church selling pancakes as well and their line up? About 10 people in front of the tradition continued and we didn't miss out on our pancakes.

After that we went and sat through a seminar that Keith got us suckered into and we actually debated joining the cult..and then we came to our senses and got the heck out of there and eventually made it home. I attempted to have a nap before heading over to T's but it just wasn't meant to be. I tried. We eventually packed up a few things and headed over to T's for her dinner party.

It was an interesting night as I really didn't know 2 of the couples and the other couple I had met once. C and her guy did come over for a while. All in all it was a fun night though. We ended a lot earlier than usual for us though. We didn't even make it hot tubbin' - that's 2 times we've been invited over and it didn't happen in case anyone else is counting! The funny part of the night came when I went upstairs to go to the bathroom and T came up a few minutes later and was telling me how drunk she was and we couldn't stop laughing. Then we were laying in the spare room and she fell out of the bed not once but twice - she's used to a king size and this was a queen! Finally she settled on the floor beside our bed and her man had to come up and drag her into their room, it was quite funny despite my obvious lack of story telling tonight!

I slept like crap which I expected cause for some reason I just can't sleep at her house. I did sleep excellent between 8 and 10 am. We spent the morning watching the discovery channel and getting educated which was quite odd for us. Around noon Keith and I finally headed home. We are both in pretty rough shape mostly from lack of good sleep. We have spent the majority of the afternoon lounging and snacking. Keith headed for bed around 6 and I had grand intentions of making banana bread (the same bread I've been planning on making all last week) but again I have side stepped that chore. Even though it's not a chore and I really want to make it but I just have no energy. It was all I could do to make myself dinner and really I only did that so I could use the leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

Speaking of tomorrow, my boss is back. Boo. Hello tension. I'm supposed to go to T dot on Tuesday for training with another co-worker but as I told Keith tonight I have a feeling my boss is going to screw me over and send someone else. Just a feeling.

Besides that? Not a whole heck of a lot to say. It was a beautiful weekend. Quite the teaser. Spring is seducing us with the promise of summer. It's that awkard time of year when you want to run outside and just embrace the weather but's not actually that warm out! Kids are running around in shorts and t-shirts and again it's really not that warm out yet! Most of the snow has melted and I cannot wait till the warm weather comes for real!

Alright my brain is mush so I am going to wait for my clothes to finish drying and then head to bed...I hope to be in bed for 9:30 cause I really need the sleep! Mmm sleep.

9:15 p.m. - 2008-04-06


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