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It's all about timing....

The last two nights I have been in bed by 9:30. Tonight I was at the gym at 9:30. It almost didn't happen. But somehow I talked my butt into going and not going shopping instead. I would call it a miracle but more likely it's the bomb that Keith dropped on me when I got home from work. We received two big bills in the mail today that could not be worse timing. We are already trying to figure out a way to pay his taxes (a few grand) come the end of April. Sigh. So it was a pretty easy decision even though my body wasn't digging the thought of going to the gym (and yet it stepped up to the plate once I got there!).

I am in pretty high spirits these last few days which is kind of freaking me out. I'm even getting along with my boss which is kind of crazy.

I was in Toronto yesterday at our head office. The training was fast and furious and I'm not sure how much I retained and of course I'm now expected to show my co-workers the stuff I learned WHEN it comes up which could be weeks or months...uh yah good luck with that one! I did catch up with a co-worker though so that was cool. He's one of the good guys and I miss him in the office.

I filled my car up after work and it cost me $51. OUCH!!!!!

So I'm not sure if I will be sleeping in my own bed tonight. Our bed is broke. It's always been fragile shall we say. I mean we bought the frame from Ike@ for pete's sake! We're not tiny people so that alone makes it unstable. And apparently my 'sitting' on the bed has bowed the side out. I mean wtf? Since when did sitting on a bed become a no-no? The final straw came this morning when my hubby got a little fresh with me and one thing led to another and after the deed I went to lay down (and yes I may have 'flopped' down) and the bed made a clunk sound. Not good. Keith thought he fixed it except as I was saying goodnight to him tonight (and no hanky panky this time) I was laying beside him and again 'clunk'. On my side of the bed of course. I'm going to be too afraid to climb into bed beside him or God forbid turn over! And of course this could not be worse timing since there's no way we can afford any furniture right now. It's all about the timing eh? And you may be reading just a tinge of bitterness in this entry and here's why:

Saturday night while we were over at T's, C had the nerve to complain to me about having TOO MUCH MONEY! She just sold her freakin' house and she now has $100,000. And the poor poor girl does not know what to do with it all. Seriously folks, if I was into my cups by then I may have decked her or at the very least told her where she could shove her money. Just sayin'.

And on that note I think I will watch the last of my show and then go to bed....whichever one that will be!

9:57 p.m. - 2008-04-09


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