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Spring fever

They're predicting rain for the next few days and this is gonna happen for sure....I just bludgeoned a spider to death. I'm not the type of person to carefully carry a spider to safety - I just can't do it. Call me chicken.

Speaking of weather - man alive I am jonesin' to wear my capris! I guess I could take the risk and wear them at work cause I am on a rotation where I am constantly on the move and thus get hot very easily! There are people who are wearing them....with panythose, that is just so wrong to me I cannot even go there.

I was writing an entry in my head as I was laying in bed last night and it revolved around sex and the past and the present and yah I may write about it sometime when I have more time but for now it just gets an honourable mention.

Tomorrow should be a busy day at work. I'll be doing two busy jobs but I'm looking forward to it as the day should go fast! I wish my flex day was this Friday rather than last since Keith and I need to get the house into tip top shape for Sunday as my parents are coming down. My dad is going to meet with C and her fiance and have the pre-wedding talk with them. It's just a quick visit as my parents are leaving early the next morning. I did manage to get an extra hour on Monday morning to spend with my parents so that's cool. Now I have to work on my boss to let me have my flex day the Friday before we leave for Mexico. For some reason she's adament I don't have that day off. I'm hoping since we've been getting along better these last few days that she will see my way of thinking on this.

A'ight I have run out of things to say and have abandoned this entry in favour of the box on the wall.

This just in....a pair of my unmentionables were just violated by the washing machine! They were not only wrapped around the agitator but were being stretched to beyond the limit and were holding half the clothes hostage. It was touch and go for a while but it seems that all clothes have survived the trauma. Over.

9:36 p.m. - 2008-04-10


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