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.....and all I got was this stupid glass

Hmm all things considered I'm feeling pretty good today! Yes, I am a little surprised.

Yesterday while I was supposed to be out at the gym I was buying more $5 a piece clothing items ($40 worth). The hubby still doesn't know about that so shhhh. Later that afternoon as we were sitting around 'talking' about cleaning T called and said she and her guy would be over after they had a bite to eat. Fast forward 2 hours later and the house is 85% clean. Sweet.

T and her guy eventually made it over and we sat around for a bit and were deciding what to do. T and I had a couple drinks during that time and then it was decided to head to the local bar near us. We had a few more drinks while there (I drank beer!) then we found out it was the last weekend for a local strip club - their building was being torn down so we decided to go. First we had to stop at home so I could change into something less lesbian (T's words). Once at the strip joint we found it was a $14 cover per person. We paid and went in. No strippers in sight. No stage in sight. There was however a band set up and getting ready to perform. We found out that it was the last weekend but the owner had let his nudi license run out and was just throwing a last farewell party and his son's band was playing. We also found out a lot of people didn't even pay to get in except for suckers like us. We stayed for the whole set and then decided to leave. I felt I had to get something for my $14 so I smuggled out the glass I had my drink in. Take that!

Afterwards we were going to go to a for reals nudi bar but T's guy wasn't in to it (say what?) so then we decided just to head back to the local bar near us and finish off the night. And finish it off we did. We had almost the whole appetizer menu and a few more rounds delivered. We actually had to leave half a pitcher of beer on the table as all 4 of us were DONE for the night. The place was just closing so we headed home and I think we were all in bed within 15 minutes! Party.

Although we did talk about going to Scotland with them next year when they go back to take M's mom home for her visa obligations. We would have a place to stay so we'd just have to pay for air fare and food etc. I really hope this happens cause I would love to go there. I guess we'll see how our Mexico trips goes and how well we all travel together!

Well it's just about noon so we now have to get started cleaning the 15% of the house that still needs it. Then around 3 Keith is going to start cooking for our dinner party tonight. Which reminds me I have to go dig out our scrabble game! Good thing I'm not hung over!

11:45 a.m. - 2008-04-13


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