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Oh interesting.'s after 11 and look who's still up? Tsk tsk.

Oh man you should see my hair - my new 'do - it's ridiculous! Not the cut the style. The hair dresser must be a 50's fan cause I have a wicked flip and a mini bee-hive! It's crazy! And? So expensive. Wow. I forgot how pricy salons were! I'm used to my cheapie hair salon and am regretting leaving it. I know they can do this cut so in another few months I will be going back to my roots so to speak!

After the salon T and I went out for dinner and then a little shopping (no clothes!). I kind of feel bad not spending time with the hubby but I'm pretty sure he went to bed extra early tonght as he was most likely going to be asked to work. Plans are being made for this Saturday to take T out for her birthday. C and myself are supposed to figure something out for her. I feel bad cause I know Keith wants to come out and celebrate with us but it's been turned into a girls' night. Although I know C will bail around 10 or 11 and then it's just T and I. Luckily I know as much as Keith will bug me about it I know he will be okay with it. He's good like that. But I do have a feeling it's gonna be a drinking weekend for sure.

Speaking of drinking, I am so proud of T. I think her car accident was really a wake up call. She no longer takes for granted what and how much she drinks. She even goes without booze for a lot of the week and she makes comments about it as well so I know it's a conscious effort and not a coincidence. I am so proud of her.

Tomorrow was supposed to be my Friday but my boss is having a power trip and I had to move my flex day to the end of the month the day before we leave for vacation. I am seriously thinking of calling in sick on Friday sort of as a 'screw you' to my boss. I found out a lot today about other offices and how they control their flex. My co-worker and I are definitely getting the short end of the stick and we were ticked when we found out how people in other offices don't have to jump through hoops and suspend flex as much as we do. My boss has promised to look into it when her boss gets back. I will be riding her hard on this cause it is quite unfair.

I doubt I will take Friday off though cause Keith will be working. Maybe if he was still off then I would have a sick day but meh we'll see how much my boss pisses me off tomorrow!

Man it's almost 11:30 and I'm not even tired. Not good. I'm not looking forward to getting up tomorrow. We have a meeting first thing tomorrow which means a large coffee on the way to work tomorrow and I am planning on wearing my capris!!!! Finally! I am gonna show these legs of mine...alright calfs but whatever. Still - I am so excited!

I spoke to L tonight. She called out of the blue. I love that gal. I really hope we actually work it out that we can see each other within the next few months. It would be awesome if she could make it camping but I definitely won't hold my breath for that.

Alright tired or not I have to hit the hay and stop watching Big Bro now - 7am comes early!

11:02 p.m. - 2008-04-16


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