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More cake please

Last night was....everything I expected it would be. It was T's birthday after all. She had been drinking with her mom at a downtown bar since 1pm. She ate nothing all day. Oh yes a recipe for disaster!

We drank beer, went to the country bar, I danced a few times, she threw up at the bar and then I called Keith to come pick us up at midnight.

T passed out for reals (she tried to sleep on the sidewalk while we waited for our drive) while Keith and I ate some bad junk food before succumbing to sleep.

Yup the night was what I pretty much expected. I didn't expect T to be drinking all day but them's the breaks.

Today was very low key. Even though I wasn't hungover (5 beers in total) I was tired hungover. I dreamt all night about the creepy old guy who hit on me at the end of the night. He couldn't stop complimenting me on my mouth! He really liked my teeth. Okay then.

After getting up and waking up T the 3 of us sat around in the basement avoiding the wonderful sunlight! We had an excellent breakfast and then gave T her birthday cake (it was an icecream cake). Finally we headed outside for a while and talked about Mexico and the long weekend in May (things are coming up so fast - I love it!). I'm going to look into booking our camping site tomorrow.

We still haven't told C we're going to Mexico yet. It's stupid but you know how if you leave things and avoid them they just grow bigger and more impossible to reveal? Yah that's where we are now. So finally tonight on Fbook I changed my status to say something like "last night was good practice". And then I did something really devious and changed T's profile pic to a beach pic and changed her status to say something about looking forward to the beach and tequila. Teach her for giving me her password! I wonder how long it will take C to ask us? Let's hope she's to busy concentrating on her invitro that she doesn't give us two thoughts!

I plan on heading to bed soon. I could have slept at 7:30 when Keith went to bed but I figured that was just wrong.

Mmkay I'm done. Ola.

9:22 p.m. - 2008-04-20


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