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Cupcakes anyone?

Last night I made the smart decision to stay up till after midnight - oh yes. Getting up this morning was so not pretty. I was tempted to say to hell with it and call in sick. But then I remembered my cupcakes. I think if I had made them I still might have gave into the urge to call into work but since Keith was nice enough to bake them for me I got my butt up out of bed and into the shower. I somehow managed to shave my legs with my eyes barely open and then put on my brand new skirt and top and headed out the door to work. I was late again - I don't think there was a day this week that I've been on time - only 5 minutes or so but still. This time it was due to an accident but I still blamed it on my cupcakes. I'm slick like that.

I was pleasantly (okay overjoyed) to find out that a picture I took and submitted to our internal website was finally posted today (it's been about 6 months). I was also pleasantly suprised to get tons of emails and even a phone call to tell me how great my picture was! That was way cool. It was the picture of a sunset with a bright orange sun in the sky with a hot air balloon beside it. I love the picture myself but it's always nice when others appreciate it too. That (and my morning coffee) definitely perked me up for the day.

I surprised Keith tonight - by coming home. He thought it was my gym night and forgot it was belly dance. But he pulled through and fixed me an awesome meal before I left (bbq steak and baked potato - my favourite!).

So I was told something tonight about myself that kind of floored me. At the end of class we were all sort of sitting around just chatting and my teacher goes on to say how she loves my 'whatever' attitude. And what she meant by that is that I don't let others influence my opinion and if I want to come to belly dance then I do (this stems from her falling out with my co-worker). I'm just chill and do my own thing. Wow. I totally don't see myself like that! I mean I am getting better but my whole life I've always been a people pleaser. It's only later in life that I have started to put my feelings first. It's interesting to see how other's see you. Too bad people usually only say what they think of you at funerals and even then they have to be nice. Huh. I really don't know where I was going with that.

Tomorrow is thankfully Friday! Two weeks in a row working 5 days has nearly killed me! This weekend I plan on doing some packing for Mexico and also weeding out my clothes. I'm just gonna have to be ruthless. I can't stand having boxes and boxes of clothes that I can't wear. Plus? How does it look when I tell the hubby I 'need' the clothes that I am buying - not very believable! I just have to be strong - wish me luck!

Oh yah I am making strides with the whole 'face' issue. I have gone back to my pure soap (I was using this fruity scrub T recommended) but I am also using a coarse sponge type thing. I just have to be careful and not rip my face off and scrub too hard. So far it seems to be working - oh that and the toothpaste on the pimples at night!

Oh wait...something else I hope to be doing this weekend...

Going to the FAIR which is a few blocks away from my house! Boo-ya! Carney Candy! I hope T's free!

10:31 p.m. - 2008-04-24


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