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Time to do the rain dance

Hm. I can't decide if today was good or a bust? You decide.

I got up at 9:30 - nice little sleep in. Then I spent the morning being semi productive and actually weeded through my summer clothes and got rid of 2 boxes. I also managed to get a lot of my winter sweaters etc put away. Then once the hubby came home my productivity went downhill. After we had a bite to eat he headed to bed for a nap so I went back downstairs and got lost in mindless tv for too many hours than I care to admit. Finally at 2 I forced myself to turn off the tv and left for the gym. Obviously vanity didn't play into my game plan as I went to the gym with wild hair and looking pretty schmucky. But I got an excellent work out in and felt great leaving the place 2 hours later.

The hubby eventually got up and we had some dinner and called T to find out when she planned to come over. She made it around 7:30 and we all headed over to the Fair - on foot even!

The fair was pretty lame but it didn't stop us from going on a couple of very spinny rides and me from winning another duck. We took some pics (T even managed to lose my camera - yah the brand new one - on a ride when she switched cars to come sit with us. Luckily it didn't get banged around too much and still works fine - thank goodness the hubby got an extended warranty on it!

After that we all just walked back to the house and sat outside for a little bit even though it's pretty cool out tonight. T left around 10 as she was pretty bagged as were we. It was a pretty low key evening.

Now the hubby and I are sitting in the basement staring at the screen and I am undoing all my gym work by scarfing down some low fat bbq chips out of boredom. Yah I want to slap myself sometimes.

The hubby's in a bit of a funk and I think it's mostly due to the money situation but I'm leaving it alone and letting him funkafy for a while - sometimes we all just need to do that.

Tomorrow I really got to get my butt in gear and get some major laundry done. I am now reaching the stage where I am starting to panic about what clothes to pack. I always want to bring too much. Although I have noticed that with each trip my clothes get better. Our first trip to the Dominican I looked...bad. Old clothes, heavy clothes just bad choices. The second trip was way better but I sitll brought too much stuff. This trip I plan on bringing a lot less but looking awesome! I know we'll probably do a lot more in the evenings then Keith and I did on our own. I can't wait.

Alright I'm outta here. I kind of hope it rains tomorrow. It will be less tempting to head outside and avoid doing something about our taxes and all that laundry!

11:12 p.m. - 2008-04-26


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