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Buh-Bye long weekend

I got the post long-weekend blues. Most of me dreads the thought of getting up for work tomorrow, but there is a small part that yearns for routine. I desperately can't wait to get back to the gym, yah I can't even believe I just wrote that. I feel so much better when I go to the gym. If this stupid cold could disappear for good I would be one giddy girl.

So the weekend for the most part was decent. It rained for some of it which they predicted so we were very glad we had cancelled our camping plans. Plus as it turned out T had to work the majority of the weekend so that would have sucked out loud.

Saturday Keith and I headed in to T dot to visit our friend S and her hubby. We were a couple hours late but that's normal for both of us, neither her nor or I ever show up at the time we say. We had a pretty good time. Later in the night we played a drinking game similar to janga and a card game until the wee hours of the morning. By 4am the last remaining troupers gobbled a package of brownie cookies and either headed to bed or hit the road. Thankfully I didn't drink too much and felt just fine in the afternoon when I got up. The four of us headed out for breakfast or in Keith's case lunch and then Keith and I left around 2. We then decided to shop in TO and went to Ike@ and bought $90 worth of stuff that we didn't really need but it was stuff for the house and gifts so I don't feel too bad. We then headed to Winners where we spent another $20 and this one was just pure selfish purchases. Keith bought a huge 5 cent beer sign and I bought a huge pineapple - you put a candle in it - it totally rocks. We then headed to the race track to meet up with C and her guy to gamble a little and watch fireworks.

I played the slots for an hour on my $10 and came out with zero. Keith had better luck and walked away $7 richer oh yah. After that we all betted on the last 3 games of horse races - I won nada! Everyone else won something. Yah you're reading bitterness in this entry. I guess I'll never be a gambler! It was quite chilly out and I was under dressed for watching the fireworks outside but I'm Canadian so I tuffed it out and didn't regret one cold moment of those 20 minutes of fireworks. Every display looked and sounded like the finale it was absolutely stunning. My little bubble burst when we sat in the parking lot for an hour waiting to get out. I was a little miffed that we didn't use our time more effectively and maybe pouted while we sat there and hadn't even inched out of the parking lot while finding out that C and her guy were already home (they parked in a different area of the lot) and they live 45 minutes away.

We made it home by 11 and split a sub as we were both pretty hungry. We didn't end up going to sleep till almost 2am and thus didn't get up till after 10:30 this morning. Somehow the day slipped away and I'm guessing Keith's got a case of the weekend blue's too cause he's been one unhappy dude as well. We did manage to make it to a movie at 4:30 but even that was a little trying as I wasn't happy with him on our way there. But the movie turned out be a hoot and totally picked my spirits up. Keith thought it was just okay but I will definitely be buying that when it comes out.

We got some chinese take out at our favourite place and since then we've just been vegging in front of the tube and taking turns playing on the lap top. We also watched a far out show from the early 80's called Just Like Mom and that was a total blast from the past! Now I should probably get ready for bed cause it's 11 and I know I am going to have a heck of time going to sleep tonight!

I'm hoping Keith will have the energy or be bored enough tomorrow to maybe clean our kitchen, it's like we're two college kids sometimes. We just can't seem to maintain cleanliness!

Alright my attention span flew right out the window, it's time to say g'night.

10:33 p.m. - 2008-05-19


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