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I would like to thank my family....and my friends....and...

So my husband is standing in my way. He's not letting me achieve my worst employee of the month award! I really wanted to call in sick tomorrow and um spend the day with him as it's his birthday but nope he's actually making me go to work! Phhhbbbt. All because I already called in sick this week. Dang.

Although truthfully my work will be really strapped for people as a lot will be off tomorrow which means oh joy lots of work for me! Ah well it will be Friday and I will just have to keep that attitude going for me. I did leave early today. I had an eye appointment at 2:45. I was leaving the doctor's office by 3:01. Yah it was quick. I did have a wee bit of guilt over not going back but since I did go into work feeling less than stellar I decided I deserved a little free time.

Yah so my tummy problem is slowly getting better. Isn't it weird how whenever you're sick everyone has a story about how they were or are sick with the same thing? Yah so many people seemed to have or had this problem and it sometimes lasts weeks off and on. But I have decided that if I am still suffering over the weekend I will see my doctor on Monday no point in trying to play a hero here. My boss and I were chatting this morning as I told her about my stomach issues etc. She did tsk when I said I didn't see my doctor BUT then she made a comment at the end of our conversation about how if I'm still bad I should make a doctor's appointment on my next flex day - which is next Friday - yah that far away!!!! Real caring eh???? She almost had me believing her.

So as mentioned above the hubby's birthday is tomorrow. Guess what I gave him? My cold! Yah he is one sick puppy. I do feel bad cause he was doing such a good job fighting it but alas it caught him. We're supposed to be going out to dinner with T and her guy tomorrow evening. I was going to keep it a surprise but I decided to tell him since this way he can get as much sleep and rest as he needs for tomorrow evening. But I did keep the destination a secret which I know irks him so all is well! I really hope he likes his gifts which I won't mention just yet cause you just never know.

But I do need to wrap his gifts though. Unfortunately the dude is always with me in this house so I'm just gonna have to lay it on the line and tell him to leave me be for a few minutes! I did put up a happy birthday sign when I had a few minutes earlier so at least I got that up without him seeing me do it!

Well it's just about bedtime since someone has to get up and go to work tomorrow! I have to go blow up the air mattress in the spare room before I head to bed, the hubby is majorly congested and I can see a long loud sleepless night ahead of me!

Oh yah a quick story: last night I had taped A Idol cause I've been half following it (mostly taping it and skipping my way through it). Last night I decided to just play the last few minutes to see the winner. Since it usually runs over time last night was no exception....just as Ryan said "And the winner of AI is....." the recording stopped. I couldn't help but laugh and rather than look it up on the net as news travels fast I didn't care that much and decided I would find out from the radio in the morning. Which I did. And for the record the right David won in my opinion.

curious-me out.

10:42 p.m. - 2008-05-22


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