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In other news I didn't win the lottery. Looks like it's back to work tomorrow - no more excuses.

I've actually been feeling a lot better with just a couple of incidences here and there. So my weekend. Friday evening we celebrated Keith's birthday. T and her guy came over and we all went out for dinner where we almost ate ourselves sick - the food was just that good and I even came home with half my meal! After sitting around chatting for a bit T's guy headed home and the rest of us headed to the bar near our place for a few drinks. Around 12:30 we headed home, got Keith a pizza (he was hungry already!) and then watched a few episodes of The Office before I called it a night at 2am and made everyone go to sleep as well - when I'm tired everyone's tired!

Saturday we got up around 10:30 and finally kicked T out around 1:00 or she may have left on her own accord who knows. Then we managed to do a whole lot of nuthin' for the day. I did manage to go outside and soak up some sunshine and read a book. Then Keith wanted to go to the movies so we headed out for dinner and then to see a 10:15 showing of the movie. Keith never believes me when I tell him the theatres are going to be packed for certain movies (Indiana Jones) and I wasn't wrong this time either. We stood in line for an hour before the show. Luckily I had a magazine so the time flew by. Unfortunately I was more tired than I thought and I almost fell asleep half way through! But it was a good movie overall.

I pretty much fell asleep the moment my head hit the pillow. Today was an insanely slacker day for both of us. We didn't even get dressed till almost 6 o'clock! I feel kind of bad cause it was such a nice day but I couldn't get the oomph up to go outside and play in the sunshine. Although it really wasn't a PG basement kind of day so there was always that!

A'ight I am off to go enjoy the last few moments of freedom before I have to head to bed and go back to work tomorrow. I guess since I didn't win the lottery and have to go back to work I will have to come up with a better plan. I'm just gonna have to have a better outlook on my job and not be so negative. Yah the last 2 weeks of absences were pretty much based on sickness but it really didn't take much convincing to stay at home. It wasn't so much work I was sick of it was the fact that we can't seem to have a full staff at any one time and my manager just doesn't seem to care. She just keeps piling on the work and we're all expected to just do it.

Okay enough of that, I really am off to enjoy the last moments of freedom! G'night.

9:56 p.m. - 2008-05-25


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