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oh to live in my head for a day

Two days down and two more to go (I'm off on Friday). Actually this week has been going pretty good (let's hope I just didn't jinx that). I'm trying not to focus on the negative and just deal with the work as it comes along. It does help that I am reception relief this week so I am spending a lot of time with our receptionist who I love to death so we've been having some good times!

I re-read some of my old entries today out of pure boredom and I discovered that my life didn't use to revolve around work and the ups and downs of it. It was just sort of a blip on the radar screen and I think that's the way I want it to be once more.

So last night T asked if I wanted to meet her for wings (originally it was Keith and I but he had to go to bed early for work). So it ended up just being me. We met up at what used to be our fave downtown bar by another name. It is now some Irish Pub but still the same bar - interesting. We shared some wings, a few drinks and some much needed girl time, it was quite fun. I had told myself I would only stay for about an hour or so. I got there at 7:30 and left after 10. Whoops. Once home I was tempted to hop on the net but instead I kicked into high gear and did some things around the house - yay for resisting the lure of the internet!

I also went back to the gym yesterday! Of course I almost didn't stay once I found out my membership had expired - say what? Yah there's some glitch on my end but the lady behind the counter was very nice and let me in to work out anyway. I called head office this morning and have someone working out the glitch. I was just worried that my certifed cheque went missing and of course couldn't find any emails to back up when I sent the cheque or if they received it. He was supposed to get back to me before the end of today but didn't. I worked out extra hard yesterday (weights wise) so I would hurt a little too much to want to go today - it kind of worked.

Tomorrow T and I are supposed to go swimming. We haven't done that in ages and I must say I am looking pretty forward to it, I love me some swimming.

I made the hubby dinner tonight as he didn't get home till almost 7:30. Long day (he left for work at 4am). Just hamburgers and a couple of salads which conveniently had enough left over for my lunch tomorrow!

Mkay I'm gonna go and chillax for a while before it's bedtime. I want to wear a skirt tomorrow but for some reason each morning I talk myself out of it. I really don't know why it's a big deal, who makes a big deal out of wearing a skirt to work? But I guess it's not all in my head cause I always get a ton of comments from everyone when I do. Ola.

9:13 p.m. - 2008-05-27


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