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I now have a whole new respect for kids

Oh so very tired. Getting up this morning was really not pretty. I went to bed at midnight when Keith got up for work. Then at 12:30 he woke me up when he couldn't find his keys - turns out they were in my purse - whoops.

I have got to the point where I have to go and find some kind of concealer cause my eyes looked puffy and tired this morning and this isn't the first occurence - dang old age.

Speaking of such. I learned a valuable lesson tonight - I am no longer 8 years old. Keith and I went to a garden centre place to window shop some plants. It was about 8:30 half an hour before closing so it was pretty dead. There was a play area where KIDS could play while their parents shopped. Can you see where this is heading? I let the inner child run rampant and I headed over to the play area and climbed around - so far so good. Then I decided to go down the tube slide. I should have known when I couldn't figure out how to sit on the slide - it was a small tube and there was no place to hang on to overhead while you throw your feet in to go down. Instead I awkwardly sat down with one leg in and then tried to get the other in and almost managed to head down the slide doing the splits in which I probably wouldn't be here right now typing this, instead I would be on the 11 o'clock news cause they would have had to cut me out of the tube!

Um yah so I eventually got my other leg in and whee off I went - the ride was over before it even began and then without warning THUD I landed on the ground! It was jarring but wounded my pride more than anything. Now the pride has left the building and all that is left is my very sore body - my whole left side hurts - neck, lower back and butt. I am so over myself right now I can not even tell you.

I had a pretty good day at work today - super tired and all. I spent the majority of the day with our receptionist - it made for some interesting stats when it came to logging my time at the end of the day.

Keith and I went out for wings for dinner tonight. The whole time all I could think about was our sting operation - get my brother wings. You see it's cheap wing night at this place BUT you can't order any to go or they charge you full price we made the mistake last time of asking! This time we had Keith order 15 more (the max you can order at a time) and then he ate a few so as not to arise suspicion and then when the waitress came around we asked her to pack them up - oh for good measure we threw a bunch on my plate. I never eat my whole order anyway this way it just looked like I barely ate any! But it's all done mission accomplished. Now we just have to make sure the wings stay cold when we transfer them 4 hours away!

On our way home from the playground 'incident' we passed a guy who is one of Keith's best friends from childhood. He hadn't seen him in many years. We did a u turn and Keith was able to finally catch up with him - he saw him a few months back but by the time he looped the car back around (the guy was on foot both times) he was gone! He lives like 10 minutes away from us now! Small world.

I meant to pack our over night bags tonight but I am bushed so I am going to call it a night and head to bed! Here's hoping I'm able to move tomorrow without being in pain - it's bad enough to hurt but I think it would kill me to actually tell people WHY!

11:12 p.m. - 2008-05-29


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