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A recap of the Big Move in K-town

I really should be in bed right now - but then again isn't that the theme of every Sunday night entry? If I'm in bed my midnight I will still be in good shape for tomorrow - how could this be you ask? Well I'll tell you, tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment at 10:30 and being the sly devil I am I told my boss I wouldn't be in till after the appointment - hello Monday morning sleep in!

So my weekend. Wow. I really can't believe only 3 days have passed, it seriously feels like a week! There was just so much packed into it. Keith and I left town around 1 o'clock on Friday, we drove to my grandma's and had a nice visit. I normally only see her at family functions and it's so crazy that we barely have time to talk. She was so happy to see us and it did my heart good to see her so happy. She's looking old and that makes my heart hurt just a little cause even though she's always been a small lady she just has this air of 'forever' about her and yah I can't continue on that train of thought right now.

After our vist Keith and I headed back on the highway and after another few hours we were visiting my bro and sil. I was so giddy seeing their new house - I mean giddy. I am just so happy for them. I know what it's like to buy your first house and watching someone else experience it first hand is just awesome. We helped them pack their apartment until the wee hours of the morning (it was hard to figure out when to help and when to stay out of the way). Around 1am we headed out for a bite to eat at an all night restaurant. I had breakfast as it was the lighter option on the menu. We finally hit the hay around 2am. We slept in their new house in the spare room (we brought our air mattress and blankets - we're awesome guests). I didn't have the best nights sleep but I expected that. We were up just before 8am and didn't even have time to shower before we were making room to put the boxes and furniture (they had painted the whole place last week). Around 9 Keith and my sil left to pick up the u-haul while my bro and I headed over to the apartment to meet the moving crew (a quick stop at tim's was an absolute must!). My bro and his family were there and a little disgruntled due to our tardiness and the fact that we kept missing each other when they arrived. But before we knew it we were hauling boxes and furniture and didn't have time to worry about anything. The whole time we loaded the u-haul it rained buckets. Just as we were finishing loading the truck the rain stopped...and the sun came out! And then it got hot!

We headed over to the new house, finally managed to get the u-haul backed in a decent position and then spent half an hour figuring out how to get their patio doors off as the furniture would not fit through any regular doorway. We finally got them off (I say we but it was so not me doing that job) and decided it was time to break for lunch. We had pizza and a few refreshments and then it was back to it. Around 4 we had them all moved in. By 5 we even had their patio doors back on! Everyone was pretty bushed and I was feeling uber grungy.

Keith and I headed to our hotel to check in (I knew their place would be crazy with all the boxes and told them not to worry about putting us up). We had booked a hotel with not only a pool but a water slide as well so I had invited my older bro and his family to come over for a swim (of course my other bro and sil were more than welcome but those crazy kids actually went out that night for a show they were in - it's a singing group they are part of).

Our timing didn't quite work out as the pool shut down for maitenance from 6 - 7 so rather than rush the swim we decided to head out for a bite to eat and then swim when we got back. Since I was a little on edge from the long day and lack of sleep I knew it was imperative that I showered before we went out, so I quickly showered and dressed and felt a million times better. After finally deciding where to eat we headed out to Lonest@r and found out it was a 45 minute wait. We debated finding somewhere else but then decided since it was a Saturday night pretty much every decent place would be busy so we decided to wait it out.

My sil, the kids and I waited upstairs where it was less busy and finally headed downstairs when we knew it was almost time. As we got to the bottom of the stairs this guy in front of me said hi and I mumbled hi and tried to get past him. He said hi again and stepped in front of me. It was J. J the ex. My brain couldn't register as I hadn't even thought of him since we got to K-town and yah I admit it, it was at that point I was extremely happy that I had showered! We spoke for a few minutes he said hi to everyone but Keith - but to be fair just as he was turning back to me (with Keith beside me) the waitress called our table and we all scurried off. Keith thinks he snubbed him but it's no surprise that he dislikes him. Keith said he's over it and doesn't hate him anymore (he apparently is no longer jealous of my ex's - I'm not sure if that's a good sign or not, must discuss at a later date!). I told Keith that he had snubbed J so many times why would J think differently and be nice to him now? Whatev. We really didn't spend that much time discussing it but yah that was my shock for the weekend. Oh yah part of the reason I didn't recognize J right away besides the fact he was the last person I expected to see was the fact that he shaved his head completely - he's in the army so I guess it was to be expected some time.

After din we headed back to the hotel and by this time it is 9 and everyone is grumpy and tired but they had promised the kids the pool all day so it would be unfair to go back on their word and I really didn't mind as I wanted to swim too. So most of us get changed and head down to the pool, only to find that the pool itself is closed due to a pump problem but thankfully the water slide is still open and that's what the kids were looking forward to so we went down many many times. I was told on the way back to our room that I was the only person who came shooting out of the waterslide so fast. Even the older guys (not kids) weren't coming out as fast. It's a mystery really. I am always shooting out of water slides so fast that I usually am shrieking with laughter and fear by the time I hit the water!

Everyone got changed and my bro and his family headed out around 10 for their 2 hour drive home. I realize we were there to work and help but it was just so nice seeing my family, I miss them.

Keith and I hit the hay around 11 and of course as tired as I was I couldn't really fall asleep and even when I did it was a choppy sleep. Sucky. We got up at around 9:30 all stiff and sore (my biceps are screaming!) and after a quick call to my bro and sil to set up a time to meet I talked Keith into going down to the pool with me to soak in the hot tub. The place was packed and thankfully the pool was open (when it's not everyone heads for the 2 hot tubs!). We soaked and swam a bit and then back to our room to change and check out.

The four of us had a nice brunch (in which my bro and sil wouldn't let us pay again!) and then we quickly stopped in at the Sally Ann to drop off some of their stuff and of course had to browse around. We found a brand new floor lamp for my bro and sil and we even made sure it worked first - score! I found a little treasure chest box that with some polishing will be quite nice.

After that we parted ways and Keith and I started our long way home. We ended up making a couple of stops - first was Cdn Tire for some computer connector thingy and then I finally talked Keith into stopping at the Big Apple. I have wanted to take his picture in front of it forever (I started this tradition many years ago and I always try to get people to stand in front of it and I take their picture - my goal in life is to get everyone I know to take a picture in front of the Big Apple!). He grudgingly complied (he's not the first guy to do so, so he was a little pissy). But we played a round of mini golf (I won!) and then browsed in the gift shop and then finally bought some pie to go after we realized we had been stopped for almost 2 hours! Oh yah the first thing I did when we got there was drop my lens cap in the goat pen. Keith eventually got it out just as I had a maintenance guy coming to help us - excellent timing once again.

After that we hit the road only stopping for a quick bite (we are both so sick of fast food!) and then for some gas cause yah we were almost out. By 8 we were home and happy to be so. Keith has to work at 4am so he's snoring happily away right now. As for me I have done 2 loads of laundry and by the look of it, I will be doing 2 loads a night for the rest of the week - where did all this laundry come from? Heh.

Alright this recap was pretty lengthy it is time for me to hit the hay. Even with sleeping in I am going to be a tired girl. A tired sore girl!

11:29 p.m. - 2008-06-01


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