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My Fantasy.......for reals.

Once upon a time there was a girl nay a woman who each night would rest her fair head upon her soft pillow and gently close her eyes and within minutes would be fast asleep and there she would stay for eight hours peacefully slumbering as the world faded away for that peaceful moment in time. That my dear friends is my Fantasy. Oh how I wish it could be my Reality. Last night I thought for sure that I would be dead to the world before my head hit the pillow (maybe I should stop anticipating this?). Maybe I would have slept the night away if I didnít have a snoring man beast beside me. Good God. When will the snoring end? He snores occasionally but this is just getting out of hand. Itís partly due to the cold that he has almost shaked, partly due to allergies that he claims he has and partly due to working insane hours and being beyond tired. How can I fight that? I canít get mad at him for any of that. All I can do is lay there in the dark of night fighting the urge to smother him with my pillow. I have fantasies of smacking him thatís how bad it is. I would never do it cause he would be beyond pissed. He still hasnít let me live down the pinching Ďincidentí a few years ago. That might be cause for divorce. So instead I take it for as long as I can, try and convince myself I can fall asleep and then when all else fails I get up and go into the spare room and sleep on the cold air mattress. Normally I wake up around 3 or 4 and stumble back to our room. Last night I awoke at 4am heard the grisly bear still snoring and rolled over and went back to sleep. To my credit when my alarm went off in the other room and I got up and turned it off and lay down beside him I didnít say one word about the crappy nightís sleep I had. Thereís no point.

So I went to the gym after work yesterday. This is my luck: I basically only ate once all day yesterday because of my test in the morning. I had my lunch and then wasnít hungry again all day. As soon as I got to the gym BAM I was starving and felt out of sorts so my work out involved me chanting Ďyou can do thisí cause I refused to leave the gym without a work out. Weíre supposedly having company tonight. That friend of Keithís who we ran into last week is supposed to drop by. Since they are men they didnít actually make any concrete plans or do anything silly like arrange a time. They left it wide open. You can tell how impressed I am over this. Keith is home today scrubbing the house clean which works for me. I still have plans to hit the gym tonight regardless that we may have company when I get home and I am dead tired. I have to get back into a routine.

This Friday Iím getting my hair cut. I wasnít sure I wanted it cut but T booked us an appointment. My hair grows fast when itís this length or at least itís more noticeable when it grows. I also have to get it colored again but thatís another appointment. Weíre going back to our trendy school salon, screw paying $100 for cut & colored hair! Wish me luck!

This Saturday is Cís bridal shower. T and I are shopping Friday night for a gift Ė last minute much?

Oh good news! I can give blood again! I couldnít give for over a year cause I went to the Dominican but Mexico is apparently okay Ė actually just the part I went to Ė Puerto Vallarta. Everwhere else is denied Ėwoo go me! I can go back to giving blood. Iíve given 36 times. I canít wait to reach 50. It's good to have goals!


Well the above was written while I was at work today. I didn't have a chance to post it while at work. We just finished dinner a while ago, kinda late for us. Keith made us an awesome greek dinner - it was de-lish. His friend never did show up and I can tell he's kind of bummed about it even though he won't admit it (men).

Alright I'm gonna post this now, cause I got some 'down' time to get to.....and I'm not even gonna mention how tired I am tonight and how I really really hope I can have a decent sleep...nope not at all!

9:12 p.m. - 2008-06-03


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