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Boy I sure can ramble!

A few things first:

I had this quote emailed to me and I loved it immediately and had to share:

“A person will sometimes devote all his life to the development of one part of his body -- the Wishbone" Robert Frost (1874-1963)

Second thing:

Go to (not
in the search bar type in: Find chuck norris
then, instead of hitting "enter" or "search" click on the "i'm feeling
lucky" option just to the right of "search"

(I’m sure I’m the last one to see this but it was funny!)

And lastly? The cookie that I am eating is fan-dam-tastic! Yum. On Friday’s a few of us walk to a new nearby coffee shop as a treat (it’s our second week in a row) and I treated myself to a cookie as well as a coffee. Now if only I could dole out treats as they are meant to be – once in a while!

I typed an entry yesterday and somehow managed not to go on the computer last night so I didn’t get a chance to post it. I may take snippets from it and incorporate it into this one. I got home from work last night found out the hubby wasn’t home and took the initiative to start dinner only to find out half way through that he had certain meals planned but since he hadn’t shared them with me I was doing my own thing with the stuff he had bought. It kind of worked out anyway cause he ended up working late and we missed each other as I had to leave for belly dancing before he would get home. Communication – it’s such a lovely word!

Belly dancing was pretty brutal last night. I had skipped last week – did I mention that? Yah I was dead tired (um maybe not drinking with T the night before and going to bed late would help the cause) and had just come back from a massage. So no matter that I was tired last night as well I knew I had to go. As per usual with anything to do with exercise I enjoyed myself immensely while there. The routine is actually pretty easy so far – as in not too many complicated steps not in that I look good doing it! There’s this one part where we have to slowly squat down while doing these chest thrust things and then body wave up – yah there’s no way I’m getting that! I may have to start incorporating squats when I resume working out again (which is tonight after work dangit cause I packed my gym clothes into the car this morning and I am going!). So yah I’m a little sore from class last night but it was great.

From yesterday’s entry:

So the other morning I was running late for work (as usual). I forgot I
needed to fill up the car (holy mackerel can you believe how much gas
is?). I debated on whether to forego the coffee and just get the gas
but then being the stubborn girl I am I decided to get the morning java
and if the line went fast I would get gas otherwise I would forego the
gas instead! The line-up was relatively short so I knew I would be okay to stop
for gas as well. While sitting in my short line I decided to put on
some lipstick (not mascara though cause I have conveniently left it in
another purse for over 2 weeks now and use my old one I have as
emergency at work every. single. day.) While applying said lipstick I
noticed a few tiny chin hairs – you know the ones…and if you don’t I
hate you…I mean count yourself lucky. I knew about these chin hairs for
a few days and had been meaning to pluck them but just hadn’t got to it.
I was in the worst light possible and these chin hairs were taking over
my whole face. Long story short (what? to late?) I got my coffee,
stopped 20 feet over and filled up my car ($65!!!!) and then drove the
short way home to run in and quickly grab my tweezers and zoom off to work. I plucked those damn stray hairs at my desk when I got into work.
Just when did I become so obsessive I do not know.


So on the weekend as Keith and I were driving to my parents we were
listening to Abba and I made a comment how unfair it was that he
wouldn’t let me buy tickets for Mamma Mia cause I had went a little
musical crazy last year and we saw several but this play was being show
in our city! But then he said that if I could still get tickets then we
could go. He also said in the next breath that he doubted I could still
get tickets cause it had went on sale a while ago. I forgot all about
this until Monday morning and decided for kicks to look into it and
lo and behold new dates had been added! So I scanned his work schedule
chose a date that was doable for us and tried my luck. We will now be
attending a Sunday afternoon show on November 30 of Mamma Mia! I rock.

*Okay and just as a side note I have to say that him ‘forbidding’ me to
get tickets isn’t as it sounds cause little Ms-I-want-tickets-anyway
went right ahead and checked ticket prices when they first came out
on sale but you had to buy tickets for 2 plays cause this theatre is
known for doing that. So little Ms-forgets-everything-promptly forgot
all about purchasing tickets until the above car ride!


So, plans for the weekend. Right now we are looking at pretty much non-existent which makes my little heart light and happy. Weekends fill up with too many commitments especially in the summer so it’s kind of nice to have the odd one free and clear. Speaking of weekends, it does look like T and I are heading to K-town to see my bro and sil next weekend. Although it drives me nuts cause it is so hard to make plans with them as they are um very easy going shall we say and aren’t really into this is ‘the plan’ where as I kind of need that so I know how to pack (camping was even mentioned so that’s a lot more packing than it would normally be). I still haven’t told Keith yet. I also haven’t told C. Again with a trip – this time a girl one even – planned without telling her. I feel terrible I really do. But? Well it is what it is. I love C but she’s just not as flexible as T and I. When do we go, when do we come back, what will we be doing? It’s all up in the air. She is the queen of planning and doesn’t really do flexible. I just hope she has plans already for the weekend and won’t even pay us any attention. The weekend after T and I are planning a mini bachelorette party for her and it’s going to be a huge surprise! She thinks she’s coming over to T’s for a girls’ night and we’re hoping to wisk her away in the land of strippers and night clubs and hotels…oh my. I’m trying to get a hold of one of her friends who mentioned that she would love to have a bachelorette party for her as well, I’m hoping we can get a little group together. Even if it’s just the three of us I know we’ll have fun….if C doesn’t kill us that is…and is still talking to us!

Okay I think I shall go post this now….and not save it to post tonight!

12:04 p.m. - 2008-06-20


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