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Someone does have a case of the Mondayís

When you have to ask yourself, Ďshould I be writing an entry right now?í, you know it canít be a good sign. Yes folks I am just that grumpy. Monday is a four letter word to me right now. I was in the deepest sleep this morning when my alarm ripped that peaceful slumber to shreds. So, I guess Monday started it. Why you hating on me Monday?

Iím actually kind of surprised I ended up at work. There was a period of time where I had serious doubts I would be leaving my bed at all. I pretty much lay in bed till it was almost time for me to leave and only then did I begin my slow journey to wakefulness which I still havenít quite reached. Can we say late for work?

So my weekend. It was pretty low key which was a-okay for me. I could have done without the schitzo-weather. It rained and then was brightly sunny A L L weekend long. It was very unpredictable. If the rain showers at been light that might have helped but they were rather dramatic and heavy instead.

Saturday morning I was awake at 5am. I awoke in the spare room as thatís where I had fallen asleep. I climbed into our bed with the hubby and then proceeded to have what I can only call a mini panic attack. The night before I had told Keith about having plans with T for the so-called long weekend. He then proceeded to tell me that he probably wouldnít be working as much as he thought and proceeded to break my heart cause I would be 4 hours away camping and it would be impossible for him to join us for any amount of time.

So in the dawn of light I lay in bed beside him feeling like the worst wife on earth. I had neglected to tell him that T and I would not only be camping but we would be camping with my brother and sil. I gave up any hope of sleep and left the bed to go downstairs in the basement and stare blankly at the tv. It was where Keith found me 3 hours later. I was half asleep but became totally awake when he sat down. As he tried to make me go back to bed to get some sleep he could tell I was upset and as I finally began to tell him all the details of the upcoming weekend I began to blubber. I was overtired and so upset. I had decided in the wee hours of the morning that I was trapped into going camping and I didnít want to go anymore. I told him all of this and he surprised me by apologizing for the night before for getting upset when I told him I had made plans since he had told me previously to go ahead and make plans cause he would be busy. He was also okay with me going even when he found out it was camping (our first camping trip of the season without him). He was okay but I was still miserable cause sometimes I donít think he understands how much I like doing all this stuff with him and itís only due to the circumstances of his working that he is being excluded. It made me sad to think he felt otherwise. He finally got me back to bed where I slept until noon and felt a world of better upon waking.

That afternoon we went out and spent a lot of money. We bought a new air bed for the guest room. My parents are coming down in a few weeks and the air mattress isnít that comfortable for two people. We bought one of those beds with a frame and then an air mattress but on top of that is a sealy comfort mattress pad with memory foam. Itís actually pretty dang comfortable. It was also pretty dang expensive. It was regularly $350 and we got it for $199. The other bed we were looking at was $150 and wasnít half as good so weíre pretty pleased. We also bought a couple of personal size floaty boats (they were on sale 2 were less than the price of 1 regularly). After that we did some grocery shopping in which I seemed to buy a ton of liquids. That green-tea ginger-ale? Not that great in my opinion. Saturday was pretty chill. Keith had tentatively planned to have his friend come over but the plans fell through so it was just a quiet night with the two of us. He called it a night around 11 but had burned a chick flick for me to watch which I did (Definitely Maybe Ė a real chick flick but not bad overall). I headed to bed around 1:30 and was up at 9 before Keith.

Sunday we headed out to drop off money and paper work to the guy Keith covered for and then at a loss of what to do we went and did a little shopping. We looked at prices for bistro patio sets as we have been doing all summer. Nothing was really on sale. A good set is so hard to find cause most of them look cheap and are cheaply made but cost an arm and a leg? We were at ____ pricing a set that was $199 when I noticed a 5 piece set Ė 2 chairs, 2 ottomans and a table for $109. This was exactly what we wanted! We found an associate and had it in a cart and paid for within 15 minutes. Of course it is Ďsome assembly required Ė ie it comes in a flat box and everything must be put togetherí. We havenít tackled that yet and Iím not sure when we will as Iím going away this weekend so itís not huge on the priority list. The rest of Sunday was pretty uneventful. It started to rain hard so it was definitely an inside day which kind of sucked cause Keith actually wanted to take a walk on the huge hill behind our house for the first timeÖever. Theyíre making it into a walking park or something and we wanted to see what they had done so far and for Keith to want to walk was something I hated to miss out on. Heís not lazy per se he just says that he works all day on his feet running around and wants to rest when heís not working Ė whatís up with that?

Last night I stayed up late watching episodes of the Office Ė Iím waiting to find out when Jim and Pam get together damn it! I finally called it a night at 11:15 and was in bed by 11:30.

And that brings us to the present and my grumpy olí self.

I just got back from shopping. Iím looking for a red or red and white top to wear Wednesday something to do with wearing our flag colors. I thought about switching my electric blue toe nail polish but since I just put it on last night it will be staying on Ė it will be a shout out to all the Americans reading this here thing!

I did find a red/white top but I wonít know if it fits till I try it on at home. It was under $10 so I couldnít resist plus if it looks good with my red skirt I have yet to wear I will be one happy girlÖ.you know the opposite of how I am today!

Fact: Eating fresh raspberries will win every time especially compared to plain old peach yogurt. Mmm.

I packed my gym clothes this morning. The last time I went was Friday after work. I had good intentions for the weekend but they didnít transpire. They have 2 massage chairs at the gym. The chairs that have a remote and you sit there and are in heaven for several minutes. The damn things are busy non-stop! I think when I got to the gym today, on my way out I shall stand in front of said chairs and stare at the people in them until one person removes themselves so I can have a turn. I am just bitchy enough to wait them out too. Itís called sharing people. Anythign more than 10 minutes is jut being greedy!

Okay the raspberries are gone so it must be time to end this entry!

4:26 p.m. - 2008-06-23


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