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Ready, set, go!

I woke up this morning...oh wait it's just past midnight so make that, "I woke up Thursday morning" with such a headache. It stayed all day and then mysteriously left as I got home from work. Coincidence? I think not!

I am tired though - it's finally starting to catch up to me. I headed out after spending time with the hubby this evening to do some food shopping for our camping trip this weekend. I haven't packed yet. Yah. I'm beyond lax. It should be interesting to see what I end up wearing this weekend.

In good news for me....the hubby is working this Saturday! Buh-bye guilt! Although in all honesty someone just asked him so I know he's not as happy about it. He bought a computer game that he's already interested in. He'll be living the life of the bachelor - eating out of cans, leaving dishes everywhere, doing whatever he wants without his loving wife gently 'nagging' him to step away from the computer. Actually I started to think about if the situations were reversed and how I would feel (well except for me being left out of fun!) I would be okay with being home for a few days on my own - in fact it would be quite lovely. I would be living the bachlorette life! Sleeping, reading, snacking, napping - bliss.

Hmmm I should probably start jotting down the random items that are popping into my head about things I should pack, it's getting a little out of control now! T and I are supposed to be leaving tomorrow at 3 from her work - whoopee - she managed to get away from work 2 hours early. We are so going to be snarled in rush hour traffic in T dot. But I'm not driving. She'll have no one to blame but herself...step away from the job T!

Okay I think my load of laundry is just about done, time to hit the hay. I want to get up at a reasonable hour to you know PACK!

Oh yah I forgot to mention that tonight after I went grocery shopping and it was 9pm - I went to the GYM! Yup 4 days in a row! I kind of have vague fantasies of hitting the gym to do some weights tomorrow morning but I'm pretty realistic and realize it may not happen with all I have to - ah well at least I'm getting back in the saddle so to speak and going to the gym regularly again!

Time to start this long weekend (after a few zzzzz's that is!) Huzzah!

12:01 a.m. - 2008-06-27


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