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Canada Day Shenanigans

Um yah let's get rid of that last entry from the rambling tired woman!

So tomorrow is a long weekend for most people....not us Canadians of course! We had our holiday on Tuesday - yah Tuesday. That put a crimp in my plans for the weekend but because of some unfortunate 'car trouble' T and I couldn't come back into town till Monday and thus had to stay an extra day in K-town. Shucks!

All in all we had a pretty kick ass weekend. The weather didn't co-operate but we made the absolute best of it which I totally loved. I love when a group of people decide to make the best of things rather than bitch about all the bad things and make things miserable. On Friday T and I drove up in wicked traffic but we laughed and had fun the whole way. Admittedly we became a little loonie near the end of hour 6 when we realized we had to drive past K-town to get to the camping site. But we found this crazy radio station that was playing show tunes and it played my ringtone which totally rocked and made me even more giddy. We finally made it to the campsite by 9pm (we had left at 3:30 from T's work).

It rained off and on all weekend and at one point I threw on my bathing suit and just walked around in the rain. I won't even mention the baccon story as I'm sure it may gross out people who don't like to have dirt mixed in with their food! We also had a hard on for potatoes ALL weekend. There was a Canada Day dance at the main building on Sunday night and thankfully it had stopped raining as the 4 of us kept running to the car to 'hydrate' and then running back in to dance like fools.

There was also this employee who kind of looked like my ex except with blond hair so all weekend us girls kept calling him "Crosh" (a mixture of the two names) which I think totally confused my brother who really didn't get the joke and now I'm a little worried about what he thinks.

The drive back was way better - the traffic was actually good and T was actually up for stopping at my apple place and I got to take her picture in front of the big apple which made me all kinds of giddy.

Tuesday was Canada Day and Keith and I actually got a chance to see each other and spend time together. We went out to lunch together and then went to the Farmer's Market for the first time in a long time and walked around and got some great deals since it was the last hour. Once home I sat outside and read my book (from the last entry!) and washed our cars when I worked up the energy. Then to top the day off Keith asked me to take a walk which probably thrilled me more than it should have. We walked to the giant hills behind our home and found out that there's a dog park there - who knew? We think it's only a few weeks old. I also made a joke about Keith picking wild flowers for me and then at one point he actually did - he tries to hide it but he can be pretty romantic.

By 8 that night I was beat. I was supposed to go watch fireworks with T but I was so tired that when she didn't call I was okay with that and actually went to bed at 10. She did actually call but our home phone is doing some weird things and hanging up on people after one ring. I love fireworks but it was easier giving them up since the campground also had fireworks on Saturday night so I didn't feel so bad. It was nice to get a good night's sleep.

Speaking of which I have to go to bed very soon as this weekend is going to be BUSY. Tomorrow night T and I are meeting C and her guy and going to some Italian Festival. It was supposed to be in place of a stag and doe more like and outing with friends but so far T and I are the only ones that we know are going for sure. This doesn't bode well. T also asked if I would go to an actual stag and doe after that with her and since it's near my house I said yes. We'll see how that goes as the plans are so up in the air with C which is so weird as she's normally the queen of planning.

Then Saturday night we're supposed to have a girls night with C (we didn't realize at the time when we planned it that it would be the night after seeing her!). T and I decided to turn it into a mini bachlorette party but the plans are unravelling faster than you can yell 'take it off'. We were going to go to the male strippers but there are unbelievably none in the surrounding area. We tried pricing male strippers to come to the house but it's pretty expensive. T's in charge so there's no telling what will happen. We then were going to fall back on plan b and just hang out at T's in her hot tub and eat and drink but then she informed me that her hot tub is currently empty due to their deck renovations and even if they fill it, it will take 48 hours before any one can go in it. So yah. It should be an interesting night.

I am just a wee bit resentful I won't be able to have some 'me' time this weekend and more importantly any 'spouse' time. It just sucks a little is all I'm saying.

These 3 day work weeks are killing me I tell ya.

I miss the fresh air. Spending a weekend outside makes you realize how wonderful fresh air is and just how little I get day in and day out. I miss it.

10:08 p.m. - 2008-07-03


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