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An Anti- Grumpy Pill wouldn’t be a bad thing right now

A.M. Bitchings

Oh I am in fine form this morning. I am trying my darndest to put on a cheerful façade but there’s this humongous black cloud overhead and it is threatening to rain down crabby and grumpiness galore.

I always avoid taking a nap on Sunday’s as I fear it will interfere with my bedtime schedule – silly me for forgetting that Sunday night’s are far from predictable so I should get sleep whenever I can on Sunday’s! Yah I slept poorly last night. It didn’t help when I was awoken at 4am to Keith’s cell phone ringing – not once but twice. Not his fault of course but it didn’t help that since I was jerked out of sleep I had a hard time getting back to sleep after Keith left for work.

And I’m also grumpy for a very stupid reason which makes me feel like I’m in junior high again and not getting picked to be on a team….any team. We had C’s party on Saturday night. Our grand plans for a stripper fell through so it turned out to just be us 5 ladies but we pulled through and had a pretty good time regardless – drinking and eating. The next morning T tells me she already had a friend request on Fbook from one of the girl’s. Naturally I thought I would find the same request when I got home. Nothing. It’s not that I even want to be friends with this woman, but wow talk about feeling unpopular. Oh and I will not be requesting her friendship – ever – cause I don’t play that way. Diss me and guess what? I still play nice but won’t ever think too highly of you.

Wow – grumpy eh? I wasn’t kidding people. The next thing you know I’m going to be taking a hit out on her or something!

I work 8 – 4 this week which will be nice in that I get to leave half an hour earlier than usual. I had planned on going to the gym after work but as I went to pack my gym bag this morning it became clear that it wasn’t going to happen. Almost everything is in the laundry and I didn’t have to time to scramble around the house piecing it together. It was either gym bag or leave for work and be able to stop for a coffee without being late. Without a doubt coffee won. Coffee always wins.

So I will go home after work and I will tackle my ‘to do’ list and try and get a few items scratched off the list and then hopefully I will take myself to the gym, I may have to bribe myself with a stop at one of my favourite stores.

P.M. Musings

Three more hours. I can do this. Can’t I?

I forced myself to go out on my lunch hour which worked really well in my favor. I walked to the bookstore and saw they had a huge section of the books I love to read on for $1 each. I only had $10 on me so I was limited but yowza I got some mighty good reads for the summer…..and I just may go back this week sometime for a few more.

…..I just spent the last 3 hours cleaning my desk! I purged like a demon. I had binders from 2001. That is just wrong. I’ve always thought I might need the info some day but today I realized if/when I ever do need the info it will be outdated!!! Argh. It feels good to purge! Plus everyone keeps exclaiming over how good my desk looks. I’m only 70% through the job but I’m tired plus I get to go home in 15 minutes! Yay!

I plan on bringing this insane cleaning/purging energy with me and hopefully accomplish half as much as I just did at work! That bed or couch better not call my name!

Oh and just an update to the above fbook blurb above – the other girl sent me a request on fbook for friends and she’s the one I actually liked better (more personable) so that’s cool.

3:45 p.m. - 2008-07-07


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