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I think if my parents saw how much we did to the house in the last couple of days they would be astounded...shocked and horrified first but still astounded.

I raced home from work today and went and grabbed a few groceries and then to Zel-lers to pick up a couple of things - the small purse that found it's way in the bag wasn't really on the list but shhhh it's our secret.

I rushed around the house like a bandit fixing this and picking up this and finally I just threw my hands up in the air saying 'screw it' and am now in the nice cool basement waiting for my parents to arrive.

We have wet carpet in the basement which means trouble but I decided not to call the hubby cause really what can he do while he's working - worry about it? That's no fun. We had a torrential downpour all night long (as least that's what everyone has been telling me) so maybe it has something to do with that (oh yes the joys of owning a house!). Here's hoping it's nothing too expensive.

Right now the rain has left and it is hot as all get out. I should be putting together a bag for tomorrow's festivities and finding clothes for Keith to wear (Lord knows what he'd wear if I left it to him!) but this basement is so cooool.

On my drive home I happened to glance at the sunvisor in my car and saw a huge bug - maybe a wasp sitting there. I calmly kept driving and entered the nearest drive way and jumped out of the car before it was even stopped. I then proceeded to shew it out of the car to no avail so I had to kill the poor bugger. Really I don't feel that bad but ew I so didn't need that!

Alright I guess I really should go and find Keith some clothes for the next few days - the man would wear wrinkled everything if he had his way - at least I give everything a good shake first!

Oh crap I forgot to clean the huge mirror in the bathroom and I have no idea where our Wind-ex is...time to go old school and find my vinegar bottle.

2:33 p.m. - 2008-07-11


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