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Love and Hate

Another weekend bites the dust. I got exactly what I have been wishing for this weekend Ė a whole lotta nothing! I slept in late both days. I didnít get changed out of my pjís till almost 4pm on Saturday and on Sunday I didnít even bother getting changed at all! Oh it was total sloth-ville believe you me. I did get a little worried when T called Sunday evening and mentioned she and her guy might stop by after dinner (they had called to invited us out but we had already made something). They didnít stop by which made me more happy than it should have. Sometimes you have to embrace your inner hermit.

We did go out Saturday night to a local rib fest and craft beer event. T was supposed to come but told me vaguely Saturday morning that she would call when/if they were coming that evening. I think thatís why she was going to stop by on Sunday. We go through these phases of hanging out hardcore and then really sporadically for weeks afterwards. And trust me Iím not complaining. I love the girl but my liver needs recovering time. So yah it ended up just being 3 of us (one of Keithís friends) who went out Saturday eve. They had plenty of beer (you buy a small glass for $5 and then get to Ďsampleí beer with said glass for $1 each refill.) Since Iím not a lover of the beer I would take a few sips and then pass it on to Keith so he was drinking twice the amount of his friend. I was the dd for obvious reasons. We drank, we ate, we stayed a while even when it threatened to rain (a few drops) and then headed back home around 10. A pretty quiet night but still fun. Oh yah an hour after we got home it POURED rain and didn't let up all night.

I had a mission this weekend: Find The Ipod. I wasnít even aiming for the stars Ė just finding one of the missing ipods would have made me happy. I failed that mission. I am not a happy camper. I did however find out that I have been looking in vain on the main floor when I found out that Keith moved a bunch of Ďstuffí down to the basement when he last cleaned. I nearly wept just thinking of going into our storage room and going through all the stuff. In fact I did nearly have a little break down when Keith got cranky with me. He was supposed to work only 2 days this week and have the remainder off. The guy he is covering for called and asked him to cover all week. He agreed and I could tell he was bummed about not getting a few days rest (he just came off working 16 hour days this past week so heís a tad rundown). Of course then he took his crankiness out on me and rather than get in a rip roaring fight I stalked off and went upstairs. He came up a few minutes later and apologized for his crankiness and then we began to talk money which always bring both of us down cause we realize yah weíre in debt and oops we should probably curb our spending and maybe keep track of our expenses and yah act like adults. That would put a damper on anyone.

I also tried to express my frustration over my procrastination with pretty much everything in my life but since I was walking that fine line between normal and sobbing like a crazy person I had to rein it in so I think he doesnít have the full picture of how frustrated I am with myself. No need letting my husband know just how crazy I really am! But seriously this missing ipod is going to drive me absolutely insane. I know theyíre not that expensive and honestly if I wasnít so inept at loading it and what not I would probably just buy another one BUT I also have this little problem of being unable to lie to Keith. It may end up being my downfall.

We also had to cancel some plans for this week in which I may have had to beg off work in order to go have some fun at the big theme park in T dot. I am getting tickets from work pretty cheap but luckily they are good till November 1st so we wonít lose any money. I am actually relieved for a variety of reasons. One is a health related issue that I donít want to get in to and the other is that Keith and I couldnít agree on a day. Originally it was Thursday and then I realized that was my last class at belly dancing and afterwards weíre going out for a last hurrah till we get back together in September. Keith wasnít too thrilled with it but he grudgingly agreed to Wednesday until he realized that was when the phone company was coming to hook up our digital line. The digital line that we are being FORCED to accept or else they are cutting off our phone service the end of the month. F*ckers. I hate this company with pretty much every fiber of my being and just thinking of them raises my blood pressure. We have ALL of our business with them (phone, cell phones, internet, tv). They have us over a barrel and trust me when we can leave them we will until then we bide our time and try not to deal with them too much. Seriously I hate them. HATE. Sorry if anyone works there who reads this but I donít care I still HATE them.

Um yah. Wow a whole lotta hate in that previous paragraph. So yah Keith realized that they were due on Wednesday so that day was out also (oh and I just have to add that they had actually been DUE last Wednesday and when Ketih called to inquire where they were they told them he had the wrong date. If they hadnít screwed us around many many times last October I would have believed them but I know they screwed it up so add it to my list of how much I hate them!!). By this time Keith had accepted work for the week so it was a moot point.

I am trying to avoid the pie that is sitting on our counter at work. Itís blueberry. Itís hard. But? Ugh. I am not a happy camper right now and after this weekends free reign of all things bad I must exert a little self control. Wish me luck! I work 8 Ė 4 this week (if my boss doesnít interfere!) and thus I was hoping more gym time. Tonight I will go (not should but WILL), tomorrow I have a chiro appointment after work, Wednesday is swimming and Thursday is belly dancing. Sigh. Good bye week.


Okay so the above was written while at work and even though I managed to screw up my computer just as I was leaving and it rebooted all on it's own, somehow I managed to salvage the entry and actually send it to myself to post - I am a magician I know.

I am also feeling 100% better. I DID make it to the gym and loved every glorious second of it. All right that's a blatant lie but I did love when I got home and was emptying my gym bag and took out my completely sweat soaked top - it was seriously drenched - I was giddy as I looked it over. I'm not quite sure why seeing my sweat stained t-shirt makes me so happy. Proof that I'm doing something good for myself?

Oh and I did have a small piece of the blue berry pie - it called my name - I know I know but hey at least it was itty bitty. I had it with my afternoon coffee cause I was so tired staying awake wasn't an option. And um that's a perfect segue into ending this entry to go to bed - I need sleep!

First I must put away the mini banana bread loaves that I finally got around to making!

10:08 p.m. - 2008-07-21


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