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On to next weekend already!

Another weekend bites the dust. So long mister weekend. So long.

This weekend didn't live up to its potential....sad but true. Saturday the day I wanted to picnic turned out to be a bust. Right when I had the hubby convinced the rain began to pour. Of course after we went ahead and made the food and ate it, the sun came out in full force. But it was an unpredictable weekend weather wise so it became a day which bummed both of us out and we took turns trying to cheer each other up with little success. Finally around 8 o'clock we shook off our grumpyness and had a decent evening watching both of the Harold and Kumar's in a row. And even though it was oh so bad it probably did us both a load of good having a great big ice cream from DQ BEFORE we had dinner. Ice cream solves everything (or close enough).

Today was low key but much better feelings wise. Keith finally got to play with his smoker that he bought Friday night. He made a roast in it this afternoon which turned out great. That was also part of our problem on Saturday. He had had his heart set on staying in and cooking something on the smoker while I had made us plans to be out all day. Funny - neither one of us got what we wanted!

Around 3 I surprised myself by actually heading to the gym! When I got home Keith was actually outside watching a movie on our small dvd player (the smoker is getting him outside!) so I pulled up a chair and read my book for a bit. It was nice. Then we had our Awesome dinner and even cleaned up after ourselves (not leaving it till tomorrow or even later in the week!). Then I did several loads of laundry and finally we took Keith's work printer and dropped it off at his work for his helper who would need it tonight when he comes in for midnight. Of course when we got home Keith checked his phone - it was his helper cancelling on him with no reason or excuse. Douchebag. I'm not even a person that swears (too much!) but man I am seeing red. The route Keith is on this week takes 2 people and this f*cker always slacks off cause he knows the 'real' boss is away and he can get away with it. I am full of so much hate for that guy right now it's not even funny. Keith is probably going to have a 14 - 16 hour day cause this douchebag doesn't feel like working. I think I just feel so helpless. I want to make it all better for him and I can't. It sucks.

I also spoke to S today. It's confirmed I'm going away this weekend! I haven't heard from T since I suggested she double check with her guy that he won't take on work this weekend so I am 100% positive that she is a no-go. And in all honesty I am actually okay with it. I mean it would be cool if she came cause we'd have a kick ass time - 4 girls on a long weekend?! Hell ya! But I guess it's going to be the best of both worlds for moi - during the day I will be living the good life reading and lazing about and then at night partying with S and A. Sweet! I even aired out our small tent tonight to make sure it was okay and that I remembered how to put it up. Right now I am checking one of our air mattresses to make sure it has no leaks. Here's hoping the weekend is as awesome as I'm imagining!

Alright, I have laundry to finish and lists to make! Sweet!

8:49 p.m. - 2008-07-27


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