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Ooooommmmmmm. This is me trying to relax. I do not know what is wrong with me but I am so high strung these days. I must learn to just c.h.i.l.l.

So I spent all day biting my nails (not literally) waiting for T's response. She said she would know whether her and her guy were coming with me. She left me hanging till 7:30 tonight. The Verdict? They are staying close to home and going camping with another friend. HUGE sigh of relief from me. Now I just have to worry about being super bored and lonesome all weekend...cause you know what happens when you get what you were wishing for! But I'm sure those 2 magazines and 10 (yes 10!) books I bought will be able to keep my attention for a moment or twelve. Bliss!

My other stresser of the day? The CW (if you don't get those initials read the previous entries regarding my *ahem* boss). Yah so I asked to work a half day on Friday - leave 2 hours early. Yah she said a big ol 'suck it bitch' or in other words 'no'. It seemed 2 other people already asked. Um yah we're well over 10 people and it is going to be so slow Friday due to everyone and their mother leaving town for the long weekend. I really hope I don't come down with a cold. Yah it is totally transparent and my co-worker's will know what's what but I'm at the point I don't care. 8 hours in traffic Hell or a well deserved day off and a leisurely drive that I'm sure will still be about 5 hours long as I doubt I'm the only one thinking of escaping the city early.

It's gonna be a busy week. Tomorrow is swim night with T which I won't miss cause I want her to know that I'm okay with them not going (I think she thinks I'm upset or at least sad they're not going - it's going to be interesting to play). Thursday night I am going to the movies with my co-workers (Mamma-Mia) but I'm going to skip the dinner beforehand. Both nights Keith will be heading to bed around 7 so it works out well as that's the time I will be leaving. Shew. I just have to get my butt in gear and actually you know pack, get the car packed and finish buying all that needs to be bought.

The air mattress I blew up (okay it plugs into the wall) Sunday night is already deflated which means it had a leak. Now I have to go with the plan b mattress which is a double mattress and probably a smidgen too big for the tent but hey I'm only sleeping in it not living in it! My other option, according to Keith, was the one he yakked on last summer. Um no. Not in a million years. I would go out and pay double before I did that. He told me I could just 'flip it over' and it would be 'fine'. Men. I swear they are from a different planet.

Alright I gotta end this so I can get some crap done before I go to bed in order to have a good night sleep. Here that body? A Good. Night. Sleep. No more dreams of killing butterflies. I swear what does that even mean? Man.

Okay that's all.

9:07 p.m. - 2008-07-29


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