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This was my was yours?

I almost didnít get out of bed this morning. Seriously my body was not moving. If it wasnít for tomorrow then I think I may still be snoring away in my bed. Letís do a time entry shall we?


Iím not a morning person. I just felt that was worth repeating in case anyone has forgotten. Last night I went swimming (omg I almost just wrote sleeping!) with T last night. It was a trial just getting there! I was loading my (very) cheap clone-pod and itís not the most user friendly thing (but what can you expect for $20 was the question I was asked last night). I didnít realize I could leave it and come back to it so I didnít end up leaving for swimming until the time I was supposed to actually be there meeting T. I called her on my drive and told her I was running late Ė she called back cause it had went to her vm letting me know she was also running late. Then because we had a torrential downpour all the streets had flooded and I was driving through puddles the size of pools. There was even a car stalled out in one and let me tell ya I was saying a little prayer as I drove through it, I made sure the car in front of me had gone through. I finally made it half an hour late no thanks to construction that was on the same street as the rec centre. The sign says you can still get to the rec centre but it lies. It was totally blocked so I had to take this huge detour rather than the 30 seconds to get to my destination.

Once at the pool we decided to go in via the slide and I have never bolted from the pool so fast before! I made a comment to the lifeguard about the coolness of the water and she told me that the heater was broken and the pool was at 75. Itís usually like 10 degrees warmer and trust me you could feel the difference. At that point T and I looked at each other and decided to hell with it we were going in the swirl pool! The swirl pool wasnít as hot as normal but it was way better than the pool. So there we sat until 8:30 when they kicked us out.

We went to Blues night and had a couple of drinks and then headed home at 9:30 cause I had a load of laundry to do and we were both tired. Yah weíre the original part-ay girls!

While doing laundry I watched a few episodes of Big Bro and then finally headed to bed at midnight. I slept till 2 until which time the hubby got up and I went in our comfy bed where I slept till 4:30 at which time his cell phone started to go off. He had forgotten it. The cell phone rang a few more times and at 5:30 I finally got up and turned the ringer off. Oh yah the first time I got up to check it out I whacked my head on my head board when climbing back into bed and I almost did it a second time but caught myself. I finally got back to sleep and just as I closed my eyes and began to sleep my alarm went off or at least thatís how it felt!


Well itís lunch time. Or at least it should be but Iím gonna go at 12:30 so I can try and drag the day out. I have to go to the bank at lunch to put money on my loan. Itís pay day. Easy come easy go!


Okay I am slowing down here. I have a wicked head ache that is just not going away. I imagine itís the lack of sleep I got and Iím sure whacking my head this morning didnít exactly soothe my brain. My head is sore where I hit it. I just had a coffee in hopes that the caffeine would chase away the headache (more on that in a bit) but it didnít work so I just popped the last two Tylenols I had at my desk and not a moment to soon as the expiry date on the bottle says Aug 08. Huh Ė guess I bought the bottle a while ago.

So speaking of caffeine and headaches Iíve been meaning to mention the revelation I had on the weekend. It seems that for the last 2 weekends Iíve had pretty bad headaches and it was only the fact that I was paying more attention to my body lately that I noticed both headache whoppers happened on the weekends. The common denominator? Lack of caffeine. I go cold turkey on the weekends and have lately been drinking caffeine free pop at home. It seems my body isnít too impressed with me about that. A steady supply of caffeine please.

So a couple of my co-workerís and I were having a little pow-wow earlier. We were doing a little complaining about CW. I let me guard down a bit and told them that I have a lot of aggression towards her right now. Examples were given on how poorly sheís treated me in the past and not so distant past both by myself and my other co-worker. I guess itís good to know itís not all in my head (as if) but that other people actually notice. But I was always feel a little leery opening up to people about my grievances with CW as I donít need it coming back to bite me on the ass. Although Iím not too afraid of this coming back on me cause hey itís all fact! CWís nickname on the other hand is something I donít want getting around. I had vowed that I wouldnít say anything to T and of course last night I let it slip while I was bitching about CW. I asked T not to tell her mom since her mom and I work together and I could totally see her mom finding it funny and telling some co-workerís and yah down the line it goes. I donít hold much hope that she wonít tell her mom cause they tell each other almost everything, especially where Iím concerned!

Pills arenít working yet. Itís only been 10 minutes though.

Last night I took a few eccinacea pills cause my throat felt a little sore. For a brief moment I thought how great it would be if I got sick and didnít have to go camping 4 hours away. You just read that right. ďHaveĒ to go. Um yah thatís me for ya. I am all gung-ho but when itís time to pack up and go I suddenly balk and freak out. Of course I almost consistently have a great time and all my balking was for nothing. Balk. Heh, I just like saying the word.

I emailed 2 exís last night. One was to reminisce about sleeping bags. My first ex and I bought 2 amazing sleeping bags (and only paid for one) and last year when Keith yakked on mine I had to ditch it. I was just wondering whatever happened to his or if they even made an impression on him like they did me. And hey if he just so happens to offer me his pristine sleeping bag who would I be to deny it? Heh.

The other email was to J. A knife that I bought from him during his Ďsalesmaní phase had the tip broken off and I just noticed it last night. The knife is supposed to be 100% guaranteed for life so Iím going to send it to the company and try and get a new one. I thought he ought to know and told him that I think the guy who sold it to me should take responsibility. Iím funny like that.


Well a little less than 20 minutes to go which means I am going to go post this now and then start to clean up my desk! I like to be out of here right at 4! So Iíll go home, hopefully spend a few hours with the hubby and then head to the movies to meet my friends/co-workers and then itís back home to pack like mad for tomorrow! Oh and to spend time with the hubby I am missing out on dinner at Swiss Ch@let one of my favourite eats. If thatís not love I donít know what is!

3:41 p.m. - 2008-07-31


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