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Patience? Not so much thanks.

How could Tuesday (so far) be failing in comparison to Monday? Everyone knows Mondayís suck. Strange very strange.

So remember my wonderful fan that we fixed Sunday night? Yah it gave up the ghost last night and is now headed towards junkyard heaven. Itís a shame cause we got that thing looking pristine and purring like a kitten. Not to mention sleeping last night without a fan (no white noise) was pure torture. Who needs to hear every sound the house makes or the cars whizzing by in the morning? Nobody! Keith mumbled something about us having another fan downstairs somewhere as he was heading off to dreamland last night but I told him weíd worry about it tonight. He was already an hour past his bed time since he had to deal with truck issues after his work.

I still canít resign myself to being a night owl. I desperately want to be a morning person but I seem to only come alive at night and suddenly I am all about getting things done. Last night I was puttering around getting ready for bed and I started to think about my jewelry that I bought a couple weekends ago. I couldnít remember where I put it. And hereís something I swear I will only confess to you Ė I couldnít remember where I had put my new c-pod either Ė I know Ė I KNOW! I donít know what is wrong with me itís like I have this amazing knack for misplacing things Ė sometimes forever it seems.

I lay down but knew it was futile. I knew I would think about my missing jewelry and c-pod so I got up, threw on some clothes and headed out to my car and began to unpack the trunk (the trunk that still had yet to be unpacked). I took out a few things including a damp towel Ė whoops! Nothing. I found some bags and dug around and voila my jewelry! Happy I went inside and looked at said jewelry. A frown began to appear as I stared at said jewelry and realized that wasnít all of it. In fact the good stuff, the stuff I really liked, wasnít there. Sigh. I sat on the couch for a bit trying to will myself to remember what I did with it, thankfully I had a eureka moment and remembered I had put the bag in my console between the front seats. I raced back out and voila it was there! Oh yah the cpod was also in the first bag I found. Shew. Losing 3 of them would have been unbearable. And I would have had to ban all pods from myself Ė forevah!

As I lay in bed this morning cursing my alarm and wishing for just another hourÖor three of sleep I pondered the idea of getting up and making a smoothie before work. It wasnít going to happen. Of this I was certain. I finally pulled myself away from the bed to the shower. As I put my lunch together I stared at the last remaining yogurts staring up at me from the fridge and knew I had to do the right thing. With a sigh I put the blender together (the hubby had threw it in the dishwasher) and I made myself another smoothie. I couldnít put it in the same container as yesterday. Why? Was it dirty? Nope. I had left the container at the gym! It was an insulated water bottle that I left behind when I was racing out of the gym so I could call the hubby back to find out about his mysterious text message about his broken down truck. I despise losing my stuff. Seriously. I get overly attached to things and just canít part with them. Okay so I guess you may have already gotten that from all my talk of clutter at home. But this was my first time using said water bottle. Iím holding out hope that it is still sitting on the counter at the gym where I left it. Thatís if I get to go to the gym tonight. The hubby said no. Well donít I make him sound like a dictator? Fine, he requested I donít go so I would be available to pick him up when he was done work to pick up his car due to the broken truck issues he had to leave it at a garage this morning. I compromised with him and told him I would call him at 4pm and if he was going to be done within the hour I would skip the gym but if he knew he still had a few more hours than I would go for my workout. Iím trying to make my way back to you Mr Water Bottle!

So I called the campground and got a pretty unpleasant girl on the phone. I should say itís a conservation area so they are govít funded and I guess could care less if they get my business! I explained to the girl that last time (in May) my request had been Ďlostí and I didnít camp but did almost get charged for it. She assured me that I wouldnít get charged for camping - totally missing the point that I wanted my reservation confirmed dangit! Nope. She said it may happen today but most likely tomorrow. I am not good at this waiting game. I think I will go and look at a few provincial sites just to have a plan b. I hate not having a plan b.


Okay so I just checked online and Plan B is set. There are several conservations around this area that have availability. So I shall test my patience until tomorrow at 11am (48 hours since I made the request) at which time I will call them and politely make them tell me the status of my request and if itís still in limbo I will have them cancel it cause that is unacceptable. How can people make plans if you canít get a straight answer whether you can camp or not? Címon people!


Mkay so the above was written at work today and I am finally getting around to posting it - if I don't right now then it will be yet another discarded entry - tsk tsk.

So I should add that I did get to go to the gym - yay for me bad for Keith as it meant a longer work day. Also my water bottle was in the exact spot I left it - again yay for me!

Okay now I am off to watch Ju-no but it's got a green line at the bottom - um can we say downloaded? Let's see if it drives me insane enough to shut it off after 15 minutes!

Oh yah - Keith fixed the fan again! I'm not even gonna ask how I'm just gonna accept it! Too bad the white noise won't mask his snoring tonight - heh.


9:05 p.m. - 2008-08-12


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