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A Quickie.....then I'm camping bound!

Where does time go - no really - where?

I should be in the midst of packing like a mad woman and leaving the house in pristine condition for when we come back from our camping adventures on Wednesday. But the hubby and I are like two irresponsible teenagers (this could be why we're not parents). Yesterday we left for the whole day and drove a total of 5 hours both ways to have a meal and do some swimming for a total of 3 hours. Yah we're crazy like that. We got back and fell into bed and we are going to be paying for all that fun in the next few hours as we try to cram packing and cleaning into the next few hours. But we're officially on vacation so I can't really stress about it too much.

I did enough stressing during the week. I was so pms'ing. Wow. I actually wrote an entry that I never posted cause I was just that cranky. Let's just say CW's name came up a lot. But I think I'm back to my fun loving self so hallelujah!

Our original camping request came through for us. I had called again and lo and behold they called me back with a confirmation. I'm pretty sure we got the site we requested - we'll find out in about 4 hours! My bro and sil will meet us in about 6 - 8 hours so all should be goooood.

Mkay I just wanted to update quickly cause I hate leaving things in limbo! Now I must go and make like the tazmanian devil!

Ok one quick story about my Friday before I go cause it was pretty cool. I went with one of my favourite co-workers to a nearby coffee shop at lunch and we met up with another co-worker guy and as we all left to walk back to the office it began to rain lightly - then heavily. We took cover in a little alcove - we were walking back through an alley. As we stood there watching it pour the rain soon turned to hail! Us 2 girls couldn't stop laughing and I had her take pics with her cell phone and then she took videos - it was an awesome way to end a Friday before vacation! Hail! In August! What? Cool.

See you in a few days!

9:29 a.m. - 2008-08-17


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