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A day of frustrations....must be Monday!

I'm currently soaking my feet in cold water. It was actually hot/warm when I began. My feet are disgustingly dirty - hello camping feet! They need to be dealt with. Apparently now is the time.

I am beyond frustrated. Well I was today. I guess I still am but just not to the same degree.

Keith told me I should stop calling my boss CW cause I might let it slip. He's sort of right but in this here diary I will let the name CW live on! She pissed me off big time today. Basically I was told I can't be sick or take a personal day from now till December or my flex will be suspended. Um yah okay. She can't really do that and I am going to speak to someone tomorrow that is 'union' and freakin' put a stop to this. It's ridiculous. I really wish I could keep the fire in my belly but I tend to take a 'whatever' attitude after a while and just let it be and let the resentment die down until something else happens. She will be leaving in 2 weeks (2 very long weeks) but she's also attacking my personality in front of the replacement manager and that is what is my main beef. I know she can't cancel my flex cause I get sick cause hello - I'm human. I know she's extremely pissed cause the last 2 'sick' days I had were vacation days that she wouldn't approve. Yah she's hitting me where she think's it will hurt but little does she know she doesn't have as much power as she thinks. Okay wow end of rant!

While stewing over the above (and refraining from sending her an email that I would later regret) I spent the rest of the day whipping off emails to my sils and my aunt regarding my parent's 40th anniversary party that we are planning for the end of September. OMG. I thought it would be semi-easy as in we would all agree on what had to be done and then get down to doing it. Oh silly silly me. Nothing is ever easy. Instead I just moments ago sent an email to my sil, who was just down all last week, maybe ticking her off. Here's the downlow. We're taking my parents out for dinner on the Saturday. They will think it's just us 3 kids and our significant others. But it will actually be a bunch of close family and friends - maybe 20 - 25. Then on Sunday we will have a drop-in after church for all the church people and any town folk who want to wish them a happy 40th.

Simple enough? Um not so. We initially considered inviting some close church folk for the dinner. I did raise concerns about church politics and if we leave someone out or someone gets their feelings hurt etc. My sil #2 (my younger brother's wife) said all would be good. I told them I would talk to our other brother and his wife and see what they had in mind. While I was doing this sil #2 was emailing a lady at the church telling her about it!!! To say I am a tad upset is an understatement. I know she has good intentions but that doesn't stop it from being a mess right now. I finally leveled with her, yes via email cause I'm a chicken like that, that I would like the party to go back to being just family and close friends and leave the church people for the drop-in on Sunday. I said it nicely and apologized even though I'm not sure why I'm apologizing. I know she has their best interests at heart but it's not just her planning this. I'm kind of dreading opening my email tomorrow morning. I love my sil to death and don't want this to be an issue between us but I can't just sit by and let it happen when I'm not on board with what we're planning. I despise conflict!

I did start writing up a vacation entry but it's been abandoned in favour of this ranty one. Now I must go and dry my feet off and slather them with tons of cream and try and make them look and feel normal again!

10:11 p.m. - 2008-08-25


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