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Yah I've felt better....

For the love that is all good and holy I can barely resist temptation and am thisclose to putting my head on my desk and taking a much needed nap. I seemed to have angered the sleep gods and ever since Sunday night when I had my one good sleep I am suffering in the shut-eye department.

Yesterday I got home from work worn out from a day of worrying about having angered my sil (she sent us all an email letting us know that the church people were uninvited along with some other info). She didn’t respond specifically to me letting me know that all was well so of course I’m pretty sure she’s upset with me. Yesterday I worried, today I have moved on, no sense worrying about this unless she actually tells me she’s upset with me.

After yapping about my day with the hubby he got up to start dinner – chicken wings made from scratch on the bbq. Only when he opened the package the chicken had a peculiar smell – it had gone off. He threw it away and we decided to head out for dinner being the frugal people we are! We went to the Mongoli@n Grill only to find out they closed in about an hour’s time. Rather than be deterred we headed in there ready to eat our fill. We did well and had great food and too many bowls than I care to share with y’all. My last bowl was just chicken, shrimp and scallops – so yummy.

Later that night after Keith headed to bed I still wasn’t tired so I started a book (bad idea – the book was good!) and read for longer than I should have. Off and on I would have these stomach pains and hoped they would just go away. I took an antacid as I figured I had some digestive problems and headed once more to bed. Sleep still wouldn’t come so finally I got up, took a sleeping pill and read some more of my book. Finally I began to drift off so I headed back to bed with the hubby. About half an hour later I was wide awake as my stomach began to roil and heave. I rushed to the bathroom where I somehow managed not to lose my dinner (even though I know I should have but I just hate doing it – I would be a terrible bulimic!). Instead I stayed in there a while and somehow the stomach began to calm enough for me to sit on the side of the tub and eventually move to the spare bedroom where I lay down gingerely on the side of the bed ready to run to the bathroom if need be. Being drowsy and feeling sick to your stomach is quite the experience let me tell ya. Eventually I drifted off – by this time it was around 1:30 – and by 3:30 I woke up and moved back to our bed to finish off what was left of my sleep. Of course during all this all I could think about while I was in the bathroom (and before that when I was sleepless) was the fact that I couldn’t call in sick because of stupid CW’s email. Rationally I know I can fight and win this battle but sometimes you’re just not up for the BS that goes along with it all and you would rather avoid it – story of my life I know.

Obviously this morning getting up was pure H E double hockey sticks. I got up at the very last second and somehow made it to work only 3 minutes late and that was due to waiting for an elevator in the lobby this morning. Now? Now I sit here suffering in silence. I have even debated closing my eyes for a few minutes as I sit in front of my monitor but I’m pretty sure I would actually drift off and probably either be startled when someone walked up to my cube or worse begin to snore! I for some insane reason told T that I was up for swimming tonight – seriously what the hell was I thinking? I’m kind of hoping that her work keeps her extra late (she warned me it might happen) then I can plead off swimming without much guilt).

How did I ever do this just a few hours ago? I could have a crap night sleep (of course that was normally due to ‘fun’ activities but I could still function!).

Not that anyone cares but my sil sent an email to me last night letting me know that Michael and Nicolette broke up. It made me happy. Very.

Okay nap time…ha I wish. One more hour and I am so out of here! I may have to break my no napping during the day rule. Let’s hope the hubby doesn’t have plans for us to go out as soon as I get home. Cause this pup is pooped.

Am I even making sense any more?

3:31 p.m. - 2008-08-27


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