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Vacation Recap Time

Since I'm too tired for a coherent entry I figure now is the time to post my vacation recap I had been working on last week. Sounds interesting huh? You wish! Read if you dare!

2008 August Vacation

Saturday (16th) - the kick off

Keith and I took a day trip to W@saga Beach. We didn't leave till noon for a variety of reasons but the weather was gorgeous and the trip was fun (except for the bumper to bumper traffic at one point). We went to our favourite food haunt to find out the food item Keith has been salavating over the whole winter was no longer on their menu - bummer. But we had a beer or two, a few eats and then hit the beach. It was busy but not insane. We swam and baked in the sun for the afternoon and it was then we wished we had left earlier so we could have enjoyed more of the day but we had fun and eventually packed up and headed home making a stop at the Crock&Block in B@rrie where we had a fantastic meal. So de-lish. We got home and thought about getting ready for camping but instead headed to bed dead tired.

Sunday - The Beginning of Camping

Obviously we had a LOT to do to get ready for camping. We of course didn't get out of bed till almost 11. We then got our butts in gear and gathered all gear while cleaning the house and by 2 were finally out the door! Not bad at all. We grabbed lunch on the road then made it to the campsite by 3 o'clock - perfect timing. It was Hot. Hotter than it's been all summer. We sweated big time putting up our tents (the Milton Hilton which is bigger than most apartments and our old tent which we used for 'storage'). We managed not to fight while putting the tent up which was great. Around 4 while we were out picking up a few things at the big W my bro and sil called they were in town! We met up with them and then helped them set up their tent. We all then put on our suits and headed out for a much needed swim and cool off. Unfortunately the water did the job too well. The water was freezing! But 3 of us swam for a bit (not sil) and then went back to camp to eat. We headed to bed around 12 tired from the long full day. It was a chilly night but with 2 bodies in the bed you warmed up pretty fast. (Oh yah if there was any doubt that my husband still desired me it was put to rest last week. I used to wonder when he would say he was just tired. I couldn't help but wonder if it was me. But wow get that man some sleep and he's the man I first met in our dating stage. It was me saying no for a change...but then being persuaded to say yes.)


Monday dawned hot and humid - yay - summer weather! We headed out to do some shopping after having breakfast. We also managed to find the liquor store by driving around aimlessly and looking for 'busy' areas. We bought a lot of food stuffs and non food stuffs cause we love to spend money! We got back to camp and realized hey we needed more stuff! So the sil and I headed back out to shop on our own - unsupervised! I was actually good for once and didn't buy any clothes - although as I told Keith not for lack of trying, I tried on clothes but they just didn't fit or if they did I talked myself out of them! Once back we all went swimming where the water was slightly warmer than it had been but not what you would call 'warm'. That night we had a storm to beat all storms. It began to rain just after 8pm and luckily we had noticed the change of weather and had managed to put away everything into the storage tent. There was a hitch when my bro went to grab our drink cooler and accidentally snagged the zipper on our tent. Since it had begun to rain by then we were less than gentle with the zipper and managed to pull it off it's track thus ruining any chance of fixing it that night. Luckily the rain wasn't coming in through it so we were fine. We all hung out in the tent and watched a dvd until the player died and rather than plug in the eliminator we decided to just call it a night. By this time I was a cranky and tired girl. The zipper remained unzipped but to humor me Keith put the cooler against it. Amazingly the bugs stayed out. I didn't sleep the greatest though since I'm crazy like that.


It was another hot and humid day (yay for excellent weather!). After a simple breakfast we ended up being lazy bums and hanging out around the camp. I read in the sun (squeeee!) while everyone else either napped or pretended to. Finally around 11 or so we decided it was hot enough to head to the beach. We packed a picnic lunch and a bunch of toys and headed to the water. The water was beautiful. It wasn't too cold it was just right! We swam and lazed the afternoon away. We headed back to camp a few hours later where the boys headed in to town to get wood, (more) beer and a tool to fix our tent zipper. All was accomplished while my sil and I had a shower (clean!). We had our last meal of the trip - fire grilled steaks and baked potatoes. De-lish! We also had a few visitors at the camp later that night as we were sitting by the fire - a raccoon and then a while later a skunk. These animals were pretty bold. Thankfully they left without much fuss and no sprays! Around 1am we headed to bed dreading the next morning - the breaking of camp.


We broke camp - it was of course brutally hot and all I wanted to do was run to the beach and swim till it was time to go but I guess you only get to do that when you're a kid cause when you're the adult you have to do the brunt work - suuuucks. We broke camp and were an hour behind our (Keith's) schedule. We made a quick stop on the way out of town (chip truck) and got home in good time. Keith immediately got to work on the food for our bbq that night while the 3 of us were at a loss of what to do to help. Finally when he left to do some running around we ran downstairs like naughty kids and watched taped shows of Big Bro.

Around 5 our first guest arrived an hour early. A guest who wasn't invited. Um yah a friend of a friend showed up and asked if we minded him crashing the party. Eventually everyone else arrived. The bbq turned out to be a great time. I couldn't help but look around every once in a while at the different people talking, eating and having a good time and just get giddy at it all. There was a dim spot of the night though. At one point Keith was running around like a crazy man, I had told him to ask me if he needed help otherwise I would stay out of the way. He asked me to do something and while I was discussing it with my brother he turned around and snapped at me. I made a joke out of it and got up and went into the house to do his bidding. While inside I fumed silently and when he walked in the door I exploded on him. I told him he was never to talk to me like that - in private and especially in front of my family and friends. I was so mad. I wouldn't let him do his thing where he apologizes but at the same time defends himself. He got that I was mad at him. If I thought I was the only one who noticed I was corrected when a few friends came in to check on me and make sure I was okay. Friends are great. Around 9 most everyone left and we were left with a few stragglers. They wanted to take the party inside which made me sad cause I knew once inside the tv would come on and conversation would cease which it did. I stayed in the kitchen and cleaned for an hour or so. By midnight we were all wiped and we headed to bed without any fan fare.


We slept a bit later than planned. We had hoped to get up early to get a good start on the road for our day trip to Can. Wonderland. S and her hubby are late sleepers so we had to wake them and get them on their way before we could leave. Eventually we all left the house at 10. We got to Wonderland around 11:30 and the place was packed. It was the busiest I have ever seen it and I have been there many times especially a few years ago when Keith and I had our season passes. We had our ups and downs. Turns out sil doesn't like roller coasters and because of her back problems really couldn't go on them even if we could convince her. We did get her on one but after she got off with tears in her eyes both from pain and being scared that was pretty much it. The first ride we went on said something about weight and body limits and since my bro is a big boy (super tall, super broad shouldered and a little hefty) we jokingly pointed out a guy in line ahead of us and said if he got on my bro would have no problem. As the guy got on the ride he couldn't get the shoulder harness on. He had to leave the ride. We all got scared at that point. When it was our turn the ride attendant wailed on my brother's shoulder harness but couldn't get it locked - he asked us to switch seats and found the seat that was a bit bigger and my brother fit! He wasn't quite so lucky on the drop zone though. He was the only one who was brave enough to go on it with me and he couldn't fit. I felt crappy for him. I'll always be his big sister and always want to protect him. When my sil asked if we (not she) wanted to go on the new ride (it's line was crazy long all day long) I declined and said to call it a day. Instead we went on a few little fun rides, played in the arcade and games booths and had our funnel cake. I told her it was because of the line but really I couldn't put my brother through standing in a 2 hour line only to find he couldn't fit. It would break my heart to do that to him. Despite the disappointments we still had a decent time. Keith and I needed a little time out at one point when we both got pissy with each other. But we all cooled off on the water ride (literally) and all was well again. My bro won a stuffed dog that I may have stolen from the get go. The ride home was quiet. While everyone closed their eyes and napped I was the lucky one to stay awake and drive. We watched a bit of tv before bed but it wasn't long before we all couldn't keep our eyes open and headed to bed.


Our last day together. We awoke around 10 I think. We putted around and started to plan our parent's 40th Anniversary party at the end of September. Around 1 we decided to head to a local outdoor pool to cool off and play in the water. This was after we called C A A to come open my bro and sil car - they had managed to lock both sets of keys in the car - priceless! We played in the pool for a couple of hours and it was nice and relaxing. We somehow conviced our guests to stay one more night! Our original plan was to all go to rib fest that night and for them to leave from there. Instead we all went in one car - met up with C, T and both of their guys and all of us had a great time. The weather was actually great for the first time in years. I bought a hat and some sheets. Um yah sheets. They were a great price and 400 thread count how could I say no? We finally headed home around 9. T and her guy left a while before that as they were both the walking wounded. Her because of her ankle and him because of his knee (he was thrown from his 4 wheeler). Once home the boys locked themselves in a room to play a computer game while sil and I watched a movie. Around 12:30 we headed to bed while the boys were just getting started as they had problems connecting the computers or something like that. Apparently they finally came to bed around 3am.


Our guests were up and gone from the house by 8am. Keith and I did not even hesitate we headed back to bed once waving them off. We finally got up around 11 and a few minutes later received a call from them stating they were home. Normally a 5 hour drive took them only 3.5 - interesting. Keith and I once again packed the car and headed off yet again. A few stops later and we were on the road to my older brother's for his youngest son's birthday. We got there 2 hours later than we thought but we were still pretty much the first to arrive so it worked out okay. We had time to talk to my bro and sil about plans for my parent's anniversary party which was great. The afternoon went by with swimming (or more like me getting mauled by my niece and nephew) and just actually having time to talk one on one with my family. Normally these parties are just so busy that we only surface talk and wander around. It's been a long time since I got to just relax and talk with my brother and sil - it was awesome for lack of a better word. We intended to leave around 7 just after my parents left to meet them back at home but we didn't end up leaving till almost 9:30 at which time brother walked us to our car and spent another half hour chatting to us. We finally made it to my parents around 10:30. One quick game of scrabble later and just after midnight we were heading to bed. I had told my parents we preferred to sleep in the basement due to heat but really it was so we could scan more photos. Keith set the scanner and lap top up now we just had to wait till my mom went to bed, she was reading a book in our living room, as the scanner was a bit loud in the quiet of the night. And we waited. And waited some more. Finally around 1am we layed down - I meant to stay awake but when I finally heard her head to bed at 1:30 I knew there was no way I was getting up to scan pictures AND be up for church by either 8 or 9 since no one had decided which service we were going to on Sunday.


Our official last day of our vacation. We both awoke headache'y and more tired than when we went to bed - I think I may have wrote about our insane cat.

We did manage to get the rest of the album pictures scanned. I also 'borrowed' a few loose photos to scan at home. I was afraid my mom saw me walking with them to my purse and I couldn't have acted more guilty if I tried - again I wouid never make it in a life of crime! We went to the late church service at my dad's church (he doesn't like giong there while he's on vacation) but we went without him. We sent him off to the emergency room to deal with a swelling on the side of his face near his ear that was bugging him. He got antibiotics for whatever it was but I should probably call just to check to see how he's doing.

After church we had a lunch of bbq burgers and sat outside enjoying the gorgeous weather. Then we sat inside for a while longer just shooting the breeze. This trip has to be one of my favourites. I got to just sit and actually talk to my family without the craziness of most visits. We left a bit later than we had planned but as I told Keith I was glad to get so much face time with the family this weekend. Our drive home was mostly uneventful. I got a bit peeved at the hubby for ignoring me and playing his game on the laptop for most of the ride. I thought it was gonna be one of those fights (silent treatments) that lasted till we got home and then some but somehow we managed to patch things up before we got home and all was well!

And that was my vacation! Boring for you to read I'm sure but good for my sake so I can remember the small details when I look back on it years from now!

9:06 p.m. - 2008-09-01


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