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Sexy caffeine?

Sex or caffeine? In a perfect world the answer would be both. Alas I chose the first one. I might be re-thinking that decision right now. I miss my perk-me-up java something fierce. If I wasnít such a stubborn cuss I would have just bought one from the cafť lady downstairs but since I havenít bought one from her in months I know she would make a big deal of it and Iím just not in the mood. Her coffee sucks and if she pushed me enough I would probably blurt out the truth. Really though who sells coffee when they are not a coffee lover themselves? One hour and a bit and I can head out to find me a coffee to go with my lunch.

Besides that my day is going pretty ducky. Iím bored as crap right now as the work is dribbling in and for some reason I canít find anything to occupy my time. I havenít written in a few days not for lack of trying Ė I type up something, send it to myself at home and itís then that I drop the ball.

So letís see whatís been happening around here? I bought our tickets for Oktober-fest. Weíre going to the same hall we went to last year. I bought 11 tics but my bro and sil may not be able to make it. If not weíll sell the tics at the door or online if we can. Itís a good thing I bought them when I did. They had 30 tickets left. Talk about down to the wire again this year.

That was Monday when I bought and then picked them up on my lunch hour. Yesterday I went and renewed my license plate stickers during my lunch hour. Today I just plan on taking a leisurely walk to the Shoppers down street (and of course the coffee shop) during my lunch hour.

This Friday Iím getting my hair done after work. I cannot wait, these roots are driving me bonkers. Although I havenít had my hair done since the middle of June so Iíd say I did pretty good. I had bought the box stuff to do my hair but then decided that I shouldnít play around with my hair right before my birthday (5 days!) and I will use the box stuff in the winter when I am bored and can risk it.

I had crazy dreams last night. Actually Iíve had crazy dreams the last few nights. Both nights I dreamt of d-land people! Hm.


Update! Itís after lunch and as I sit her typing this entry I am sipping on my much needed coffee. I for one brief moment thought of not getting a cup of jo (yah seriously I need a whoop upside the head sometimes). I did stroll to Shoppers and spent WAY too much on too little. Stupid skin and getting older! I know I have to moisturize but I donít. I guess that will be my present to myself this year Ė moisturize your skin especially your face! I also bought more hair scrunching stuff. Iím never satisfied with one product. I will use the same one for a few days but then switch when I get sick of the first one. I like to have options.

Alright before I lose the momentum I am going to post this boring update right now!

1:46 p.m. - 2008-09-10


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