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sleep would be good right about now

This was written Friday morning:

And itís Friday!!! A 5 day work week. Wow. Itís been a while. But I survived.

I am one tired pup (yup again). I got home last night from belly dancing with the intention of soaking my poor blackened feet (dirty floors) and watching Big Bro. Instead I soaked my feet and then got sucked into this while biography channel thing on 9/11. For two and a half hours to be exact. Till midnight. Yah. I cried like I knew I would Ė only when the widows talked of their husbands on the plane and when people who were trapped in the buildings jumped.

Alright moving on. Today is hair appointment day. Iím again toying with cutting my hair (obviously not today cause lord forbid they dye and cut my hair in 3 hours!). Letís not go there. But I really donít want to cut it cause I miss putting it up. If I can manage a pony tale now and then without my hair looking crazy when it grows out some more then I will go with it but as soon as it starts to not look good I will be cutting it off again.

Gas has spiked big time this morning. Iím so glad I stopped Tuesday night and filled up. Stupid gas prices! Itís like it knew I was going away this weekend.

Iím in the middle of emailing T back and forth negotiating our plans for tonight. She wants to drink. I want to shop. Not even shop but just go out to dinner and maybe Ďwindowí shop unless something is too good to resist. Iím using the excuse I need to get a good nightís sleep (or at the very least not stay out drinking all night) cause I need to get up early to leave for my parentís tomorrow. I havenít told her that I can actually sleep in somewhat tomorrow as Keith will be working till at least noon. But I will have to get up and pack us a weekend bag.


This was written at 1:45am

Um T won. Yah I got my hair colored - it's a lot darker and the hi-lites are darker but they will apparently lighten up with washing. I like it though. What I didn't like was the fact that after styling my hair within half an hour my straight hair had gone crazy frizzy and wavy - so much for looking hot!

We headed to the local bar around 7. We left around 1am. I only had 3 drinks all night long and we had eats throughout the night. T was too gone to drive so I offered to drive her to wherever she wanted to go. She chose to go where her guy was - at a friend's out in the country. So it's after 1am. I'm tired. It's lightly raining and VERY foggy. Good times. And then we hit construction. The road was gone. So T directed me on this crazy back roads route. I tried to keep track of where and when I was turning but gave up after a while. I figured I would just sleep on the side of the road till daylight (kidding). I dropped T off and she pointed me in a different direction with very simple directions! I found my way home quite easily.

And now I have had a small bite to eat and am heading to bed shortly. I think I may be dragging my butt tomorrow!

Even though they are calling for a very rainy weekend, here's hoping we have a good time anyway!

1:45 a.m. - 2008-09-13


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