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Celebration Time!

Well it’s the Day of my Birth. How about them apples? I think I’m okay with it. The age thing I mean. I turned 34. I thought I’d have kids by now but ya know that’s not where I am right now. And I’m not gonna get into the why’s and how’s of it all right now cause I am too busy celebrating! Or trying to…this work thing gets in the way I tell ya.

I may have regretted not taking a vacation day when my alarm went off this morning but I am just too stingy with my vacation days that I didn’t want to ‘waste’ one. You wouldn’t know I just moved up to 4 weeks vacation per year. But I am already splitting one up this week.

I smell like incense. I went into a store called Sh@kedown Street “for all your psychedelic needs”. You can probably guess what kind of paraphernalia they sell. I bought some shot glasses. They have a certain leaf on them. Heh. I actually bought them for S’s husband. His birthday is in October. But now I’m not sure if I will keep them. For starters I don’t normally give him a present and after I bought them I realized that S is trying to get him to cut down on the stuff so maybe having shot glasses wouldn’t be a good thing. Or maybe they would? I don’t know – we’ll see!

I also bought myself a pecan brownie from an expensive little store down the street. I know I’ll be eating all sorts of sweets this week but I then decided to hell with it! It’s my birthday! No guilt! Not today. Save that for tomorrow.

I’ve been getting lots of well wishes on my f-book which is pretty darn cool. I can’t go on f-book at work but I can see if someone has wrote something. Two out of three ex’s have wished me a happy birthday. Not bad. Every time I see a new note I get this goofy grin on my face – birthday’s are fun.

So tonight the hubby is taking me out to my favourite sea food restaurant. The lobster red. It is sinful. Sinfully delicious!

And because today is my birthday and I am being smiled upon – the coffee shop I love had my favourite flavor of coffee! They never have it on Monday’s!

My weekend went pretty swell. We got away a lot later on Saturday then we had planned. We didn’t leave until 3 and we had to be there for 5. It was raining and tons of traffic. We only ended up being half an hour late which wasn’t too bad. They couldn’t start the party without me. We had a lovely dinner and then homemade birthday cake and then I opened some presents (money (yay!), a new jacket, a homemade gift basket made for relaxation at home and a few other things). I’m kind of wondering what the hubby got me cause for some reason we’re not the greatest when it comes to gift giving for each other. I always think he’s going to love his gift from me but I don’t get the response I’m hoping for (although to be fair he’s not an excitable guy by nature – pretty low key). It will be interesting indeed!

So I saw my grandma yesterday. She’s in the hospital. She had a fall about a week or so ago. She lost consciousness but it was her hip they were concerned about. She had hip surgery a few years ago. My uncle who lives with her wasn’t going to take her to the hospital. My dad called out of the blue to ask them something and it was then my uncle mentioned my gram falling. My dad told him to get her to the hospital right away and to call an ambulance (my uncle lost his car). They thought she would be in for just a couple of days to check things out but it turns out she’s staying in till the 25th. We’re thinking it’s to make sure she relaxes and to bulk her up. She’s always been small but she’s wasting away. They would rather feed their dog then themselves (it’s crazy and almost unbelievable how much they ‘love’ this dog). As I told my mom if someone – anyone – were starving or needed help and it was between us or the dog…she would choose the dog. It’s seriously a fact. Unfortunately my gram is also having memory problems. They checked and it’s not Alzheimer’s. But she’s definitely having problems. She keeps telling people she tripped over the dog but my uncle had been out with the dog when it happened. Then she keeps asking questions over and over. To her credit she realizes she has forgotten the answer and laughs about it. She was quite excited to see us. My younger brother, Keith, me and my mom went up and my dad met us there later. My brother’s wife had a good idea and sent pics to the local W@lmart and had my brother pick them up and put them in an album for my gram. Just random pics of family over the past few years. She really enjoyed them and was so pleased that she got to keep them. I kind of forget that she doesn’t take pics anymore and wouldn’t have any recent family ones. She had a few problems remembering who people were but I was impressed when she not only recognized all pics of me but there was one where I was in the background and it was just the back of me and she recognized me (woo go me!). I also gave her a card in the shape of a kitten which she just adored. I know my gram so well!

I’m wearing a skirt today. My long red one that I bought about oh 4 months ago! I figure if I’m ever going to convince myself to wear a skirt today would be the day!


Oh look the day is over! On to celebrating! Woo-hoo!

4:26 p.m. - 2008-09-15


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