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Who knew I would fall apart at 34?

This was written this morning:

Ten dollars if you can guess what I’m doing right now? If you said sitting at work with an ice pack on my lower pack and my belly full of pills you would be $10 richer! Turning 34 is really putting a crimp in my style.

I woke up this morning barely able to move due to low back pain. It may have been all that wrastlin’ last night between the sheets but I doubt it since there wasn’t any wrastlin’ being played out in our bed last night. We were both too exhausted. Although as I was trying to stretch out my lower back this morning someone wanted to try getting a little action of his own but due to said back pain I wasn’t having any of it.

I have no idea what I did which is the pisser of it all. All I did was go to sleep! I guess I could have been twisted in an awkward position most of the night. I know it wasn’t because I slept in one position too long as I did quite a bit of tossing and turning – that was most likely due to the pineapple drink Keith made me before bed. We had bought a pineapple last week and last night he actually made me a drink in it – booze and all. Hello sugar!

I got home from work last night and my present was sitting on our bed (wrapped and all). I opened it – it was a digital camera – an underwater digital camera. I was happy but not enthusiastic and Keith could tell I wasn’t crazy happy. I then shared that I was worried I would lose it in the water. It doesn’t float. I’m a klutz. You do the math. But once we discussed somehow tethering it to my arm when we’re in deep water then I was totally on board with my present. And then once I started to ‘play’ with it after we went out to dinner and then went for a walk in the beautiful flower gardens across the street from the restaurant it was game over! I plunked the camera in the fountain and began taking picture after picture. I’m in love with my new camera. I think the hubby was quite relieved once this happened. Then the relief moved on to annoyance as I wouldn’t stop taking pics! Heh.

So I was leaving early today for a dental appointment at 3:15 now I will be leaving even earlier – 2:15 for a chiro appointment first. Blah. Normally I would wait a day or so before heading off to the chiro but she’s closed tomorrow plus we’re heading in to T dot for dinner and a show tomorrow afternoon and I don’t need to be popping pills and icing my back! The ice I have on it now is doing it wonders and I am staying put so that’s helping.

Well it’s time to jump on phones. God I hate phones. I’m sure it’s going to do me wonders, having a sore back and dealing with bitchy people. Oh the Joy! I may have to suddenly need to lie down in the wellness room for the next hour!


Alright, the above was written at work. I did go to my chiro and she said my back was out of whack but she cracked it back into place! Then I headed home and picked up the hubby and we headed off to our dental appointment (a date at our dentist office how romantic). We then proceeded to waste away the next few hours doing lord knows what as we didn't get home till almost 8:30 and I had 2 dozen cookies to bake and 2 dozens cupcakes to ice (the hubby had baked them earlier that day - thank God he is off this week!). And now I am about to drop I am so tired. Tomorrow I have to get up on time so we can make it to work early and bring all the baked goods in. But the best part is I get to leave at 12 so I am one happy girl. Until next time!

10:39 p.m. - 2008-09-16


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