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A toonie for your thoughts eh?

As per the norm I wrote this this morning:

It's Monday. I didn't get much sleep last night. I am unexpectedly covering reception all day. Besides all these things I am still in a pretty darn good mood. I am listening to a song that reminds me of my mom right now and I'm not sure why it does. The song is Morning Has Broken. It's comforting.

I worked on my picture project this weekend. There are 69 pictures in it. It starts with my parents wedding day and progresses through the years (thus the Kenny Rogers song - Through the Years). I thankfully found an extended version so I could get as many pictures as I could in it. I seriously cannot watch the slide show without crying. It's okay without music but put music to it and I am bawling like a baby. I can't wait to see my parent's reaction. Just to see a bunch of pictures from their photo albums up on the screen is going to be a big deal. I'm trying to figure out when to show it to them. I don't want to just hand it over but I also don't want to wait till all the hoopla is over. I am thinking that after the service on Sunday after my dad gives the benidiction I will have one of my brothers or my uncle (just not me!) stand up and say a few words and then show it on the big screen. After that there will be a drop-in in the basement of the church so we could always play it down there again. I feel like I am making this the centre of the party and I have mixed feelings. I am excited for them to see this but I don't want people to feel that I am just excited because I made it. I couldn't have done it without everyone's help and all the hours spent sorting through the pics on screen and in the albums was definitely a labour of love. I definitely couldn't have done it without Keith. I am lost once it comes to the technical stuff. He has to (sometimes not so) patiently walk me through it time and time again. He is also going to do the finishing touches and make it look all spiffy.

Okay wow let's see what else? On Friday I did indeed bet on some horses. I even won a few dollars - and by a few I mean a few! Nothing over $5! I then went to the slots where I used my $5 coupon and proceeded to spend an hour playing the machines with it. I left empty handed. But I only used the $5 that was a gift so I didn't lose anything except my time! The horses are definitely more interactive to play. We all try and pick different horses so someone has a chance to win something. T's man takes it WAY too seriously and will make several bets (more than the toonie the rest of us were betting) and on horses that others had.) He wasn't in to playing by the rules I guess. Of course it didn't get him anywhere since he didn't win anything significant either. T on the other hand made out like a bandit. She won about $20 on horses and then in the casino she threw a $5 bill in and won $50 within 5 spins! Yah. I guess that's why they call it gambling. Again I have to be thankful I never win. I could totally see myself becoming addicted!

Before we went to the horses we had snacks and cake at C's. It was kind of funny cause C kept asking me if I had had dinner alraedy and I was telling her honestly we hadn't eaten. Then she proceeded to feed us finger foods and such but with 5 of us (2 being hungry guys who aren't nibblers) there defiintely wasn't enough food but we were all too polite to say anything. Once at the track everyone started snacking and C was a little ticked about it. My cake was awesome though. T had got a place to photoshop my face on the body of a princess and it said "Only a Princess Gets Better with Age - Well at least that's what we let her believe - Happy Birthday Curious-Me". Okay replace the curious-me with my real name but you get the gist. It was very cute. Plus my presents totally rocked from the girls. C got me a small bottle of vodka (okay that was kind of weird), some chocolate (as is our tradition with each other) and a gift certificate for the movies. T gave me a cute shower bag (it's a duck!) with some cute drink stirrers and a dvd of Cheaters! I'm not sure which season but who cares! I love love love this show. I may have mentioned it before. As much as I love it is how much Keith despises it. No accounting for some people's taste I guess! So yah some great gifts this year. Not that I'm all about gifts...wink wink.

Saturday was my most unproductive day. Keith and I had went to T's on Friday after we were done with gambling. We had went there to go...say it with tubbing. But just like every single time in the past several months we didn't go in! Keith and I got in a bit of a tiff on the drive over. I can't really remember what we were upset about I just know it put a damper on our night. One of the problems with going to T's is parking. There's nowhere to park except on the street and we get a ticket when we stay over night. Keith decided not to drink so he could drive us home. Instead of hot tubbing we had a few munchies (still hungry!) and sat and watched tv till after 2am. We weren't home and in bed till after 3am. It's not even like we were partying and having a butt load of fun so it seemed pretty wasteful. Man I can't believe I just wrote that! I'm old. I obviously slept in way to late Saturday and when I did wake up I had a huge head ache that would not go away. I had tylenol and then an allergy pill but still nothing. Finally around 2 I layed down for a while - a lot longer than I thought. I got up around 4 and headed outside for a while to sit in the sun since it was a beautiful day and I had wasted most of it sleeping. I had had grand plans of working on the picture project but it just wasn't meant to be. Instead Keith and I eventually went and did a little grocery shopping and then had an amazing dinner at home (bbq'd steak!) and just relaxed. Keith had to go in to work for an hour and a bit as a favour to one of the guys. We were both in bed by 1am.

Sunday I was up earlier than I would have liked but Keith had to once again go in to work for an hour or two for the same guy. He was home before 12. I had made us lunch and finally around 1 that afternoon I had finally started to work on my picture project (after a few games of path words on fbook - it's so freakin' addictive!). While I worked I also played with my new coffee maker. I did the initial clean and then made myself a pot of coffee using the delay function to make sure it would work in the morning. The only annoying fault I can find with it is it's display. It's an analog digital display. Yah. It takes me forever to set the timer. I set it last night for 7:30 but had actually set it for 6:30 - whoops.

After going as far as I could with my project I stopped for the day and then I proceeded to clean the house! I mean clean! Keith said he's going to give me coffee on the weekends all the time now. Last night we had a very healthy dinner of homemade vegetable soup (also my lunch today) and tuna sandwiches. Our bodies may go in to shock. Where's the grease??? Heh. We then watched way too many episodes of Myth-busters since they were playing a marathon and every time the commercial came on for Discovery channel Keith would stop it so I could bop along to the song - it's very catchy!

And now you are all up to date! It is almost lunch time. And I have ticked off my co-worker by sending back work she sent to me. I'm at reception and unless I ask for work she shouldn't be sending it to me. She's ticked I can tell. But today after lunch we have our team meeting and I have a feeing tomorrow I may be at reception again but this time I have 3 hours I will be away from the desk due to volunteering and meetings. And then Wed - Thur I will be in a 2 day first aid course and that of course leaves Friday my flex day! Woohoo! I finally got my flex days back. I am one happy girl. Having every other Friday off is such a nice perk.
Okay we're in 'real' time now. I found out shortly after writing the above that my 2 day first aid course was cancelled - booger nuts! Ah well I guess I will actually have to work.

So I'm at the stage where I'm sick of my hair. Sick I tell ya. We are not getting along. I'm tired of putting product in it every day but if I don't I will turn in to one big frizz ball. Although lately even if I do put it in I still look like a frizz ball - I just can't win. Sigh.

So for the 2nd week in a row the hubby isn't working. I was sort of hoping he would get called in. It would not only be good for our pocket book but I might actually go to the gym once in a while. When he's home I find myself rushing home after work to be with him. It could be worse but again - sigh.

Alright I am gonna post this lengthy thing and get ready for bed! I hope to get a good night's sleep without the incredibly loud snoring man laying beside me. He should have it out of his system by now. Please?

9:25 p.m. - 2008-09-22


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