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40 years.....that's a looong time.


I'm either meant to be a short haired person or a long haired person - I do not like hair touching my neck. No in between for me. And guess what stage I'm at now? Gah!

So this past weekend was a LOT of work but it was totally worth every second of hard work or any frustration that may have went on. It was my parent's 40th Wedding Anniversary. We told them we were taking them out to dinner on Saturday night and they knew a handful of family members would be there. But they were totally surprised......


Obviously I had good intentions in getting an entry in but work kidnapped my time and I was forced to abandon ship. So anywho as I was saying about the weekend. My parents were totally surprised at the number of people at the dinner - about 35 I would say. They loved every minute of the night of that I am sure. We had dinner, had speeches (even I said a few words - maybe a little grudgingly cause I get uber nervous speaking in any group format), then we had them dance to Remember When by AJ. I shed a tear or two while filming them. I haven't watched my footage yet, it's probably pretty shaky as I'm not the best with a video camera but at least I'll have the tape for prosterity.

On Sunday we held the 'drop in' after church from 1 - 4. We played the picture dvd I made for them just after the service like I had hoped and it was pretty emotional. I didn't cry at all though which was a miracle - I think I was too nervous since so many people were watching it. My parents loved it. My dad even asked us to play it downstairs during the drop in.....which we did for 3 solid hours! Yah I was pretty darn pleased.

It was a long day but so worth it. We finally gave them their present - a digital camera -half an hour before the event ended. My mom wasn't all that excited - kind of puzzled since they have a camera. But Keith had the foresight to charge the camera, install a memory card and format it - basically it was ready to go. We took it out of the box and let my mom play with it and it was instant love! She couldn't stop snapping pictures and laughing at how great the camera was. Shew! We cleaned up the basement and headed back to my parents to pack up and head out. First we had pizza. The whole gang was there - my two brothers and the rest. The kids were all spazzy and over tired. At one point I leaned over to my younger brother and his wife and whispered to them, "when people ask why I haven't had kids.....this is the reason!"

Of course on the drive home Keith and I actually talked about having kids and the consenses is we probably will if mother nature allows. It's just all about timing. Right now money is tight and we are both pretty selfish when it comes to taking trips and buying toys etc. We pay our bills but we could definitely be doing better in that department. Plus Keith said I have to lose weight first. I lie I lie. But he did say I will probably want to get in better shape and I can't help but agree with him. I have a few health issues that would put me at a disadvantage if I were to become pregnant. Just another reason to step up and get in shape. Um yah it hasn't changed anything yet! I'm doing terrible in terms of exercise. I haven't seen the gym in weeks.....maybe months? And walking in the beautiful Fall evenings....yah not happening. Oy vey I seriously wish I could kick my own ass somedays. I almost wish I had a partner to do this with. Someone who would kick my ass for me!

Anywho. I had a pretty darn good work day despite it being busy as all get out - and having a not so great hair day! My manager sent me an email saying that somone had witnessed me dealing with a client at reception in the morning and wanted to say what a great job I did even though the client was kind of difficult. This got sent to another manager and then to our assistant director. It was enough to make a girl blush! Then my manager told me that my x-mas vacation requests have been approved - x-mas eve and Jan 2 plus Nov 10 (we get Nov 11 off which is a Tuesday). Pretty sweet. Plus I am off tomorrow! I decided to take my anniversary off to spend it with the hubby. 3 years ago we were just about to say I Do. Crazy.

Of course with the sweet comes the bitter. The hubby had to burst my happy bubble when I got home by telling me when he downloaded the pics from my newest camera there was a problem and I may have lost all the pics. The only good thing (and I can't believe I'm saying this) is that we had forgot to charge my camera on the night of my parents dinner so I only took a few pics before it crapped out on us. We bought some fancy dancy recovery thing tonight to see if we can get them back. Keith doesn't hold out too much hope though. If that wasn't enough of a bubble burst he was also a bit of a cranky pants tonight all over $7. I bought a new camera bag and he wasn't thrilled with my purchase. I guess I have enough camera bags in his opinion. But we have lost our camera bag and I was replacing it. He thinks we may still find it with our camping gear. But yah he was a real party pooper. We went out to dinner after trying to go bowling - the lanes were full due to league night so we just headed off for wings instead. Wings are health food aren't they?

I don't know what tomorrow will bring. But I"m hoping for a happy hubby and a relaxing day. Not too much to ask for. I hope!

10:17 p.m. - 2008-09-30


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