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A warm house...that would be nice

It's a weird feeling when the basement is warmer than the upstairs. It seems we may not have our new thermostat installed correctly. It's 17 degrees in the house (60 something). Yah cold. We threw an extra blanket on the bed. Of course that was the comforter from the spare room so I'm either gonna have to find a blanket to sleep with or actually sleep with the snoring bear till 3:30 when he gets up.

He had a brutal day - he was up at 3:30am and didn't get home till around 7:30 pm. Brutal. My man needs a 9-5 job. We talked about that during one of our long drives and we figure he may have to go back to school but that is so up in the air right now I can't even think about it.

My day at work went fast but only because I kept making mistake after mistake on one of my tasks. It just got so ridiculous. It was made 10 times worse when a co-worker tried to help me out but only caused me way more work. Her heart was in the right place. It took me all day to do this project when it would normally take me 2 hours. Of course I was doing other stuff too so it wasn't like I just did that one thing.

I was pretty proud of myself, I walked after work tonight. I could not believe it. I had several excuses not to. First I left work late, second I had to make us dinner and third I had to go belly dancing oh and I musn't forget it was raining off and on. But I made dinner, ate it and then threw on my shoes and headed out the door. It rained for the first couple of minutes but then stopped for the rest of the walk. It wasn't a real lengthy walk but it was a start!

I just found out my co-worker (the same one above) has ruined my 4 day weekend that I had coming up. The thanksgiving long weekend was when my flex day was so I got to take 4 days. She is starting her vacation then - I must say I was a tad peeved at her but I've decided to look at it as a good thing. Keith is working that week anyway so now I can bank the day and use it when Keith is off and we can spend it together. Silver lining right?

A'ight I am off to bed....wherever that may be!

10:37 p.m. - 2008-10-02


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