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Keep pilin' on those blankets!

Oh look - Sunday night! Where oh where did the weekend go? I think it was pretty nice out. I wouldn't really know cause I didn't really get outside much. I did get out Friday when I went for a walk. First I spent almost half an hour ripping the living room apart looking for my step counter. It's not that I truely needed it, it's just entertaining to have. I finally gave up and headed out without it. Funny story - when Keith got home from work he couldn't wait to show me how many steps he had taken all day......yah he had stole the step counter when he left for work that morning. Cute. At least I knew that I hadn't gone crazy cause I had remembered the exact place I had left it.

I made us an awesome stir fry Friday night and we just chillaxed for the night. Saturday I was up pretty early - 9am. I made myself a pot of coffee (so cool) and then decided to just cuddle on the love seat in the living room and read my book while sipping my java. Two hours later the hubby stumbled out of bed. We had really good intentions of getting things done around the house but um yah it never happened. Instead we wiled away the afternoon - seperately and together - I have to say it was pretty darn relaxing. We only left the house to run a couple of errands for food and movies in the evening.

Today on the other hand. Today was our day to slave away. It was crazy. We did so much....yet....there's so little to show for it! I slaved away in the kitchen dealing with a little problem and the whole messiness issue. All the cupboards got cleaned out. Let's call it my anniversary gift to the house! Keith worked on the downstairs. Still so much to do but as I told him even though it doesn't look like we did muh 'something is better than nothing'.

Now I am waiting for my third load of laundry to be done. I'm yawning now but I know I'll have a hard time falling asleep tonight.

We had an awesome roastbeef dinner with all the fixings and it was de-lish. We also warmed up the house by using the oven. It's official we have a problem with our furnace. I thought the hubby could fix whatever it was but he didn't have any luck. I'm gonna have to make a call tomorrow. Good thing it's not that cold out yet.

A'ight time to go fold some more laundry. Livin' the good life baby!

9:27 p.m. - 2008-10-05


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