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Not your typical Monday

Well I can say this for sure, it's been an interesting Monday so far. I got up this morning my usual time and went hunting for the service number on our furnace. I guess I really should have looked it up last night but I didn't think of it till I was already in bed. I did set my phone to remind me so I wouldn't worry about forgetting but y'all know I still worried about it. I found the number and called. A woman answered and told me she would pass my message on to the right person and they would call me back.

Fast forward two hours and I finally got that call. If I had known it was going to be two hours I could have either went in to work or slept. As it was I did lay down after I showered and semi dressed (ie real clothes not work clothes). I managed to snooze off and on but it was just a fitful sleep that I'm sure did more harm than good as I feel like I've been run over by a semi right now (body wise too but I figure that's probably from the wicked clean up job I did in the kitchen yesterday - sad but true). So yah I finally got a call just after 9am telling me that they didn't have any appointments available till Thursday morning. So it was either request an emergency call (cha-ching) or wait it out a few more days. Hello layer of sweaters! Actually it hasn't been all that bad. You feel the cold the most first thing in the morning and in the evenings. There's not much you can do in the a.m. except jump into the nice hot shower but in the evenings we can cook dinner in the oven and it warms up the main floor quite nicely.

Side bar: I just finished my coffee and my last sip was full of grounds....ew!


Okay so the above was written this morning - when my fingers could actually work on a keyboard.

I played the housewife to perfection this evening. I made dinner (ham, side pasta dish, veggies and rolls along with fresh baked cookies for dessert), then I cleaned up and did the dishes afterwards. I rock. The hubby worked insane hours again today 4am - 7:30pm. Yikes. I also managed to fit in a walk after work, although I had to cut it short cause I must have done something to my lower back yesterday. Excruciating comes to mind. I cut the walk short, came home stretched out my back then did some yoga to hopefully help work through whatever is wrong, I then threw in a few back strengthening exercises as well. I try.

I have a wicked headache going on right now - all day actually. As I was saying goodnight to Keith I was telling him that I haven't felt or looked rested in a long time and wondered why that it was. I think if he hadn't been so tired he would have clunked me on the head (kind of like that v8 commercial) he then told me that I don't feel rested cause I don't get enough rest. I'm sure he called me a retard under his breath. Okay he didn't. Sleep, although I talk about it all the time, isn't high on my priority list. I really gotta change that. I gotta change a lot of things but for now I have to end this entry cause my fingers will NOT co-operate right now and typing is driving me insane!

PS - a certain someone wrote in her diary today about how soothing she finds ticking clocks, I have been known to hide clocks that tick when trying to sleep. So funny.

Sorry for all the typos!

10:22 p.m. - 2008-10-06


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