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A memorable thanksgiving

Written this morning at work:

I really shouldn’t be tired right now, I *nearly* had the perfect sleep last night. Keith and I got home around 8:30 from all our Thanksgiving travelling. Keith was already late for bed as he had to get up for 3am. Instead of heading downstairs to watch tv and play on the laptop I decided that I would read for a while in the spare room. By 9:15 my eyes were drooping and I happily turned off the light and rolled over to sleep. At 9:45 the shrill ring of the telephone woke me up. I was too disoriented to jump up and answer and by the time I did the machine had got it – no message was left. I pondered it for about 20 seconds but then headed back to slumber land. Five minutes later Keith’s cell phone began to ring. I knew better than to answer it – I’m not his secretary and he has voicemail that would do a much better job getting the message to him. I again lay back down – the home phone rang again. Sigh. So much for sleeping. This time I answered. It was the guy Keith was working with at 3am. It was a bunch of work stuff that meant I had to wake Keith to let him know he was doing something else when he got up at 3am. After the call I knew I was awake so I grabbed my book once again and read for a while. I didn’t get quite as dozy as the first time but at 10:20 I turned off the light once again and headed back to slumberville – this time successfully.

So my weekend. Wow. Keith and I headed to my parents on Saturday afternoon a little later than we had planned but we had a beautiful drive down – the trees were absolutely stunning. I just could not help gawking at the view…which you know wasn’t that smart since I was the one driving. We got to my parents, had a nice dinner and then just relaxed and played a few games of scrabble before hitting the sack around midnight.

Sunday morning Keith and I got in a little tiff that meant I remained mad with him all during the church service (how Christian of me eh?). Finally when we got home we had a chance to talk for a bit but really neither of us saw each other’s point of view but we still decided to put it behind us and concentrate on the beautiful day. We helped my mom in the kitchen with a lot of food preparations and that afternoon relatives from Regina showed up to have Thanksgiving dinner with us (they were down for other reasons or else that would be a very far way to come for some turkey!). It was going to be the 6 of us and one other person from my dad’s church. This man is in a wheelchair and thus couldn’t come to our house so we had thanksgiving dinner at the church – and not in the basement since it is currently not wheelchair accessible (just an aside that this is why my dad jumped through a million hoops to get the church to agree to build a new church that will be bigger and better and will be wheelchair accessible!). So we had dinner on the main floor of the church - up front near the pulpit. Interesting to say the least! A little inconvenient running up and down the stairs to serve the food and wash the dishes but not as bad as you might think. After that we headed back home and put our feet up and were sitting around chatting when my mom noticed someone coming up the driveway. It was my younger brother and his wife. My mom had thought they weren’t coming even though my brother had said they would – communication isn’t huge in our family.

We sat around for a while longer and then it was time to play scrabble. My sil pulled me aside and told me that she kept her promise and I would be the first to know. I looked at her puzzled until a light went off in my head and I kept saying, “no you’re not”. I was a wee bit in shock. She is pregnant!!!!! You could have blown me over with a feather. I am so happy for them. My sil has always wanted a baby. She is only 5 weeks preggers so we know it’s a tad early. We pulled a fast one on my mom - while she was out of the room we grabbed the scrabble letters – took out all the A’s – my sil pulled out the word pregnant and hid her letters. When my mom came back into the room we all drew letters to see who would go first and lo and behold it was my sil – wink wink. She then pretended to pick her 7 letters and then proceeded to put down the word pregnant – 8 letters. My mom didn’t even realize it she was just happy my sil used all her letters and got the 50 point bonus. My sil said, “I am” and pointed at the letters. My mom said ‘yah I know’. But she wasn’t getting it. We finally all said, “she is” and nodded with her and finally my mom ‘got it’. My baby brother is going to be a dad – it’s mind blowing!

Monday morning we got away later than planned due to staying up till 1am playing not only scrabble but perquakey (sp?). Between Keith snoring and the crazy alzheimer cat I had a very poor night’s sleep. We got away by 11:30 and neither of us were in the best of moods. Keith was cranky about getting away so late (even though he slept in till 10!) and I was upset that my car is making bad noises and I will have to get it looked at (cha-ching). We also managed to get lost – once again – on the way to pick up one of his brothers and I may have snapped at Keith while I was stressed with all the crazy traffic. Good times. Finally we got his brother, grabbed a couple of coffees on the way out of town (for his brother and myself) and then made it to his family’s house with 10 minutes to spare before eating. I got lots of cuddle time with the newborn and I even managed to calm him down a few times while holding him.

You think with all this baby talk and holding I would have been feeling the urge to procreate…but I wasn’t. If anything I was thinking about how cool it would be to spring the news on my parents and see their reaction but the actual having of the baby and taking it home for-evah? Not so much. Is there something wrong with me? Am I just too selfish? Am I too practical since I know Keith and I have a lot of debt to pay off before we should even think of bringing a child into the world. Oh the points I could ponder if I had time.

I would have liked to see the reaction at the family thanksgiving on Monday afternoon from the rest of my family. Although on second thought they might have turned to Keith and I and ask when would it be our turn? Shew.

So we had two different turkey meals with all the fixin’s. At neither sitting did I have seconds or eat till I was stuffed. I actually walked away from the table not 100% full. Crazy. I did have dessert though – pumpkin pie – both times. Mmmmm pumpkin pie.

And now here we are with a 4 day work week. This is normally a good thing but it means I lose a day to get our house in order for company this weekend. But since we all know I am a last minute person this doesn’t really affect the outcome. I plan on going home after work and punishing the house by cleaning it. If I could get the majority of stuff done today I would be one very happy camper. I just have to stay away from the tv and from the laptop. So I better post this thing before I leave work!

But first I have to call the mechanic. I called him at 10:30 and they took a message and said he would call me back but it’s now almost 2 and I’m out of the office until almost 4 so I better call now. I hate bugging people and look like I’m inpatient but tomorrow is the only good day to have the car looked at since Keith is off. Doesn’t everyone go by my schedule?

***Back to real time***

So I didn't get a chance to post this from work - obviously. And my evening didn't go quite as planned. I stayed at work half an hour extra to make up the time I will be away tomorrow morning. Plus T and I were emailing and she made a comment about looking at a place tonight with a realtor. So I called her and found out she may be leaving her guy. Well she says she is but she's done this before. It's hard to say how far this will go. She was supposed to come by tonight and even called around 6:45 to say she was on her way but she spoke to Keith and all I found out was she would be here in about 20 minutes. I tried calling her but no answer. I think she may be at her mom's drinking some vino and/or beer. She doesn't want me to tell Keith about this thing with her guy so she just may not feel like talking in code. Or talking at all. Understandable but I wished she had answered my calls.

The house also didn't get put into order. I did move around a bunch of stuff before dinner (oh yah after I left work late I went shoe shopping). I also started to move a few boxes after dinner but then the hubby got cranky with me for 'bothering' him while watching the tube so I left and came upstairs where I sit now at the computer. He just came in moments ago apologizing in his own unique way "I'm sorry but...". So now I will go back down and maybe throw around a few more boxes before calling it a night. I just chastised the hubby about not doing what he said he would do last week in moving some things in the basement so I have a feeling tomorrow should be a productive day for him. Here's hoping.

8:10 p.m. - 2008-10-14


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