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Polka''s not for wussies...

The numbers game.

11pm Ė the time I went to bed last night despite having a really crappy sleep Saturday night.

20 minutes Ė the amount I slept at 7pm last night thus causing me to not be tired when I should have gone to bed early.

4:30am Ė the time Keith got up and I slipped in to our bed.

5:30am Ė the time that I was still shifting all over the bed since climbing in at 4:30 due to pain in my back and chest.

7:55am Ė the time I was AT work this morning. I canít remember the last time I have got to work before 8am on a Monday!

So thatís my day so far. I am in so much pain. I believe I slept on my shoulder or something as this pain wasnít there when I went to bed and I donít remember doing anything to cause it yesterday. I canít lie on my back, on either side or on my stomach. Yah I canít lie down at all.

I canít decide if Iím a wimp when it comes to pain or not. Is it really that bad or can I just not take pain? Iím pretty sure the pain isnít spinal related ie chiropractic. I believe itís muscle pain. The exact spot it hurts in my back is the same spot on my chest Ė I picture it as a pole poking through both sides. I have tried stretching (not recommended lying down when pain is at itís most volatile). I tried taking a hot shower to relax the muscles and then doing some more stretches. Nothing. I was going to take muscle relaxants but they cause drowsiness and since Iím susceptible to pills and had to drive myself to work and once their concentrate I didnít think it was a good idea. I did take a few Tylenol but as of yet I feel no different. Bah.

Besides the pain I just feel exhausted. Obviously I didnít get much sleep so that explains it. I just really hope this pain works itself out as the day goes on. Maybe the more I move the more it will help.

I have already gone ahead and cancelled my blood donation tonight. I donít think youíre supposed to give with a body full of pain pills. Plus? I was stressing myself out over my appointment tonight. I donít think I mentioned it before but at my last donation I was turned away for high blood pressure. It was not a good day to be me. I had come straight from work after a wicked stressful day with CW and also the fact that I am prone to be on the high side anyway pushed me over the edge. I havenít been monitoring my blood pressure at all lately and I just didnít want to be turned away again. (Hi Wake up Call for Curious-me!)

I was thinking maybe I should call to try and get a massage after work but then I realized how stupid that would be if I couldnít lay on the bed without being in pain Ė real good massage! Massage is out.

For some strange reason my hair todayÖ.looks good.


And as usual I am posting this at night. I am sitting here with an ice pack on my back (well a bag of corn - close enough). I have a morning appointment with my chiro. It's a pinched nerve thing. Dangit. Pain pills are just taking the edge of the pain but it's a real bitch. Stupid back. Keith thinks I did a little too much polka'ing this weekend. My, how sad.

Well I am really going to post this now and head to bed. I don't know what kind of sleep I"ll have since I'm not sure I'll be able to find a comfortable spot but I gotta try. I called my boss right after work and informed her I would be in late tomorrow morning. I get to sleep in half an hour extra - yeehaw.

9:31 p.m. - 2008-10-20


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