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Snap crackle and *Pop* .......there goes my back!

Need I even bother mentioning that I had the worldís crappiest sleep last night? I kept trying to roll over onto my left side and when I did I would get this crippling sharp pain in my chest. Lying on my back wasnít much better. The only decent position was on my right side but that got old after a while.

I am really glad the hubby convinced me to call and book a chiro appointment this morning. I mean it didnít take all that much convincing since I couldnít take deep breaths without getting a stabbing pain. I spent the night sitting on the couch with an ice pack (the corn) on my back. I was up at 4am with an upset tummy (just nausea) probably from the back pills I took again before bed.

My chiro cracked my back in several different spots and one of them I really felt. When I told her about the pain in the front she had me roll over and as soon as she touched my chest she couldnít believe I had twisted my ribs in front. She said itís pretty rare to pull them there and she had to manipulate them back into position. I can finally breath without pain!!! I do have tenderness there now but thatís probably from rubbing my chest all night long to ease the pain. Seriously should I be sent to the glue factory now?

Although when I started thinking about it, I did move a bunch of boxes at work that left me quite sore and then on the weekend I moved more boxes and crap and then on top of that I partied and polkaíd all night long on Saturday with very little sleep to recuperate. Can you tell Iím just trying to make myself feel better?

So not too much is happening. I did realize something yesterday and today. In days gone by when CW was my boss I would have most likely called in sick or went to my chiro appointment half way through the day and not come back. I donít do that with my new boss. I like her. Sad but true. I donít want to disappoint her and I donít want to take unnecessary sick days. Crazy. Crap my chest hurts. Good thing I sit in the corner cause am constantly rubbing my left boob (chest) and that just looks wrong.

I think Iím going to call and book a massage for Friday. I will wait tomorrow to see how I feel to make sure there are no side effects or after effects that would make lying on the table uncomfortable. This Friday is my flex day which I am so very very overjoyed! I plan on sleeping in and then hopefully going for a massage and then who knows! The day will be mine. If I book a massage in the morning it would mean I wouldnít waste the day away at home. Of course if Iím out and about I could potentially be spending money I shouldnít. Humph.

Well itís time for lunch. I brought soup. And itís the perfect day for it. It is freakiní cold out! It was like minus 2 with the windchill this morning. I was hoping we could hold off this cold weather as long as possible. We have had a beautiful and warmer than we could hope for Fall thus far, I guess it was too much to ask for it to continue to be so nice out.

I finally remembered to bring my 2L water jug back into work. Without it I barely drink any water and that is just BAD. I also brought my duck mug in which has been sitting on my shelf at home for too many months to count. Hereís to drinking more water!


Yup another entry written during the day and posted at night - is there any other way? I don't think so.

Well to update, my chest is still damn sore and I doubt I will be able to sleep on my left side tonight. After work I dropped my car off at the mechanic so he can listen to it rumble in the morning. I will be taking Keith's car to work (or really my car since they're both in my name hehe). I will have to pick Keith up at home after I get off work and then drive us both back to the mechanics to pick up my (other) car. Sounds like a whole lot of drivin' planned for tomorrow.

Oh and just to keep track of T's situation....she may or may not be seeing someone right now. I have my suspicions. Time will tell!

9:05 p.m. - 2008-10-21


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