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And it's Sunday night already! My 3 day weekend blew by. I tried to have a relaxing 'all about me' Friday and half succeeded. I got to sleep in and then I headed off to my massage appointment - an hour long. She asked if I wanted a whole body or just my back. I told her to decide for me. After a few minutes of working on my back she told me it would just be my back if that was okay. So yah it felt wonderful during the hour and then I pretty much spent the weekend recuperating. Ah tension in my shoulders what would I do without ya?

After that I managed to wander around for a few hours doing my own thing until Keith called to let me know he was home early so I headed home to have lunch with him and hang out. Before it got too late we headed out to a nearby pumpkin patch and picked out a few. yah T called and asked if I could come over to keep her company while she packed. I asked Keith if he wanted to come and he did which turned out to be a good thing as we helped her with a few things including taking her bed apart. She got a call from her guy who was on his way home and wanted to talk some more so she made the decision to run...I mean leave. We all took off and headed back to our place where we had a few drinks and some noshies. Oddly enough her ex (I think I should start calling him that so I can get used to it) came over a few hours later to take her to a different friends. She left her car at our place.

Today we helped T move. It was myself, Keith and C. Yah quite the moving team. C made it through one loading of the van and drop off and then had to leave. Keith and I were in it for the long haul. T had rented a cargo van so it took us 4 trips to get all her stuff. 4 trips and 8 hours. Now a couple of those hours were waiting and stopping for food when we were all running out of steam. Poor T was sick all day. Throwing up and the other one. She's not sure if it was something she ate or stress - probably both.

Suffice to say we're all pretty pooped right now. Poor Keith did the majority of the grunt work as he was the only man. T has a gimpy foot and I have a back that keeps going out. I think we did pretty darn good all in all.

T's new place is pretty small but very cute. She's so excited (when she's not stressing over all the other changes she's going through not to mention leaving her guy). I hope this will be a turning point for her.

I took her dog for a short walk while we were waiting for her to get the moving van. Keith pointed out it will probably be my last time walking him as her ex is keeping the dog. I have to admit I'm pretty bummed. Little Dog is so darn cute. Animals and kids are always the ones who suffer when couples break up. Sigh.

8:50 p.m. - 2008-10-26


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