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A First

So, letís see Iíve had this diary for what 6 years or so? And I had another first with it. Iíve had my very first Hate Message in my Comments section. Iíve heard people talk about the douche bags who leave these but I just never knew. Itís an odd feeling. On one hand youíre kind of offended that some jack-off would leave an offensive comment but on the other hand you just canít stop laughing cause they are obviously mental and then you just kind of feel sorry for such a sad sad being. Poor Ďabhorgodí. I pity you. I really do. Now Fuck Off. Ahem.

Okay now that thatís out of my system Ė what have I been up to! I had some mini drama with Keith that involved me walking home from a nearby plaza a few nights ago. We got home talked about it, realized that what we were fighting about wasnít the real issue (as per normal). We had it out and things seem to be okay.

We carved a couple of pumpkins. Iím such a big kid I swear. I think itís because as a kid I never actually got to do the carving. At first it was my dad and then it eventually went to my brothers. Donít get me wrong I was content to let them but now it seems I have come into my own and love the whole process Ė goop and all. I only wish we did more than one pumpkin each!

Last night Keith and I headed over to Tís new place to help her put things together and unpack. We brought over pizza and a few drinks. She said she should be the one providing us with food but weíre unconventional like that. We stayed till 9:30 and by the time we left her bed was all put together, her living room was intact (including fixing her chaise lounge that broke during the move) and her Ďwalk iní closet aka the second bedroom was started. Curtain rods still have to be hung and poles for the walk in closet have to be set up. But itís getting there.

Her ex emailed me yesterday asking me to call him. I didnít. But I did email him back this morning asking if he needed anything. I just donít want him to put me in the middle or try and get me on Ďhisí side to convince T not to leave him. Plus I would probably just be telling him the same things that everyone else has about why sheís leaving and that itís too late for him to change things. He can only go forward and change the things about himself that T has begged him to change for years. Never say never right?

Yesterday during a meeting with a few co-workers I got a little bored and began to doodle one of my co-workers beside me Ė I canít draw worth shite and it was horrible but I like to make people laugh. So I showed her and she of course laughed at my pathetic little doodle BUT then this morning she brings in a Ďdoodleí of her own. It is Amazing. The girl can draw! I mean I knew that but man my picture is just awesome. I told her itís a prettier version of me! You know, no pimples, no wrinkles etc. I was thinking of scanning and posting it in here cause technically itís just a sketch but that douche bag above has sort of got me second guessing if I should post it. I will probably post it in my f-book though cause this pic has got to be shared especially by those who know me since wow.

Tonight I am belly dancing. Itís our last class of this session. I may get to ditch early as a few will be practicing for a mini show in November that I am unable to attend. Of course I know theyíll want me to stay so we can go out for drinks afterwards like we sometimes do at the end of sessions. Weíll see.

Iím still not sure if this weekendís party is happening. Iím going to call S tonight before I leave to get an answer. I guess sheís too busy to check her email this week (a wee bit of sarcasm there?). I may also going to a baby shower for my sil on Keithís side but Iím really trying to get out of that one too. Driving an hour to spend time with a bunch of women I donít know except for 3 including the new mom. Meh.

Alright thatís all I got right now. I think Iíll post this now cause who knows if Iíll have time tonight!

1:51 p.m. - 2008-10-30


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