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Yup I talk to myself.....even when writing

(Look at me updating DURING the day!)

Donít you hate opening up your wallet and finding it empty? Knowing you shouldnít be going to the bank machine to get money out cause even though you have money in your account that some would consider Ďa lotí you know that the wolves will soon be at the door with their hands out and you will have to hand it over?

So I decided to book a hair appointment and get my hair chopped off once again. What pushed me over the edge was the fact that I ran out of my expensive shampoo and conditioner so I used some cheapie stuff and oh my god does my hair look like crap! Even in a bun it out loud. Oh sure it probably wouldnít look so hot even if it was shorter but I donít need that kind of logic cluttering my mind right now. At the moment I have to concentrate on finding the number to the salon. Do you think I can remember it? For the love that is all good and holy the name has escaped my memory forever! I just emailed my girls to see if either of them remember Ė if I know C she probably wrote it in her daytimer and can go back and look. Or I could just do a drive by on my way home tonight but I really want to book the appointment today....before I chicken out.

Itís Nov. 5. Just a little over one month to Christmas and I am wearing capris to work - and not with tights underneath or boots but bare legs. It is that freakiní warm out. I live in Canada this isnít normal for us. Weíre breaking records left right and centre since back in the 70ís I believe. I know Keith is jonesing to get out and hang the x-mas lights while we have such nice weather but the poor guy isnít allowed to do anything for a few days but rest. Itís harder than it sounds.

Tonight I am going to have to be a good wife and go home tonight and not pick up the laptop as soon as we are all comfy and cozy in the basement. I have taken up this habit of surfing while he flips through channels and thatís really not spending quality time together is it? I will have time to surf and whatnot when he is back to working crazy hours so I must remind myself to spend time with him while I can. Bad Curious-Me.

Iím hungry. Itís lunch time. I have leftovers. Meatball sandwich. Iím sick of meatballs now thank you very much. But Iím also cheap. So there you have it.

Iím wearing those footlet things that you put in your shoes if you donít want to go barefoot but donít want it to look like youíre wearing anything Ė got that? They are driving me insane. They wonít stay on the foot and they keep slipping off my heal and curling up in the shoe. Stop it footlet stop it.

Okay since I wonít be on the Ďputer tonight (much) I am going to post this now.

Oh and even though Iím not a big fan of the politics and itís not my country that just got a new president I have to say that I was mighty pleased to hear Obama was the winnaí!

(Just to update on the hair salon issue - T was the first one to email me back with all the info - she rocks!)

1:16 p.m. - 2008-11-05


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