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A short week and working on getting some good karma

Can I just say I am so glad I wrote the below at work today? I have lost the yen to write this evening. Slackitude sucks out louds sometimes I tell ya. Without further ado:


Okay it is a freakiní beautiful day out there! It feels like Spring! And why am I here again? I swear half of the city is playing hooky today. My drive in was fast with no traffic. I even got to work on time.

There must be something about November and water. I changed my 3 calendars at work (I technically have 5 but only 3 are picture related) and all 3 have something to do with water. One of my favourite things to do is flipping a calendar to the next month. I have a large desk calendar and each month when I flip it over I get so excited. Itís pristine and I admire it for about two seconds before I start to mark it up with upcoming events and flex days and special occasions.

So yesterday went pretty smoothly. Keith and I got to his appointment with plenty of time to spare (I even had time to stop and grab a coffee and a muffin at timís). After about 10 minutes he was called in. I spent the next hour typing on the laptop I was smart enough to bring. I donít know what possessed me but Iím participating in Nanowrimo again this year. I failed last year. I have my doubts this year but I donít want to be a doubting Thomas. The thing is I donít even think Iím a good writer, I just enjoy it. I enjoy creating stories in my head and then putting them to paper (er to screen). This pace is a bit fast but itís just kind of fun to pound away at the keyboard and look at your word count. Weíll see what happens. So far I like my story.

Um yah so anyway after almost exactly an hour I was called back to sit with a groggy Keith. He was awake but dopey. He kept trying to talk to me with bloody gauze in his mouth and with his whole mouth frozen. It was interesting. I kept having to tell him repeatedly for the next hour to push his gauze back in cause he couldnít feel it when he would be talking to me. After we left the clinic we drove to a pharmacy and the impatient patient wanted to come in with me even though he was instructed to lay down and rest for the afternoon. But I let him come in and we waited for his meds to be filled (only one could as they were out of the other and as of this writing still are). Finally we were on our way (after spending $40 impulse buying while waiting Ė thank goodness the meds are free).

We spent the afternoon doing a whole lot of nothing. Keith because he wasnít supposed to and me because I was pooped and I decided to write instead since I started Nano late. Keith was nervous about going under which ultimately left me nervous and he said I kept touching him all night as in reaching out and patting him. I told him part of that was to stop him from snoring so much but yah I admit I was nervous too.

Although heís not a very good patient as he made his own lunch while I headed out to buy ingrediants for dinner. Listen to me lying to you guys, I didnít buy ingrediants I bought a frozen lasagna! Liar liar pants on fire!

The only excitement we had last night was when Tís ex called and told me that T called him because she locked herself out of her place with no cell phone, no car keys nothing. She went to the hospital at the end of her street and called him because he knows the landlord and she asked him to ask the landlord to bring a spare key over. As it turned out the landlord wasnít home and since they know the situation between T and her ex they wouldnít give the key to him or tell him where T lived. I was between a rock and a hard place so finally I told him to look around the location in hopes that if T was wandering around her house he could find her and fill her in on what was happening.

Okay I totally lost concentration there. Letís try this again. T locked herself out. Her ex wanted her address. I didnít give it to him but told him Ďthe areaí. He found her. They got her key. All was fine. Jeez.

I later got a call from her ex who apparently needed to talk to someone so he called me and we chatted for about 40 minutes. Heís not doing so well. But I think he left the conversation doing better than when he first called me crying.


And back to now. This night has been very unproductive. I'm not proud of the fact just laying out there.

At the end of my work day I found $20 in one of our hallways at work. I swear I considered for way to long just pocketing the money and considering it mine. But my conscience got the better of me so I whipped off an email to the office telling everyone I found some money and to come talk to me if they lost any. I'm sure someone will claim it tomorrow morning. Okay Karma, I'm doing something good here, I hope you're keeping score!

Have I mentioned how excited I am in having 5 days off? I am going to have to 'buckle down' and avoid vegg'in in front of the tube. I really want to get my closet(s) sorted out and just get everything organized. As I told Keith half of my clothes (that I currently wear) have gone missing! Nowhere to be found. If it's game of hide and seek I plan on winning! Bring it.

Also I have to um exercise. I won't bore you here but yah I'm not loving me right now.

Tomorrow is day 2 of a 3 day work week. I am freakin' excited! Really I am WAY too thrilled over this. Oh and? I finally got my new computer at work! I can see the screen...clearly!

Well the last ounce of my will to write has just left me....adios.

9:33 p.m. - 2008-11-04


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