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My first 3 days off

Been a few days. As I updated on my fbook the other day I have been Lazy and Productive, quite the combo!

Thursday I had a total mental break down (all inside my head of course so no one was the wiser). I've been on a real downswing regarding my looks and how my clothes fit etc. I know what to do and I just don't. So on Thursday I pretty much did everything bad for me. Keith and I went out for a quick dinner - fast food. If that wasn't bad enough we stopped for ice cream after that.

I should mention that I am pms'ing and I guess what you would call extremely hormonal all the time. I have even gone so far as to warn the hubby a few times, rather than tear his head off I mention how I 'want' to tear his head off and surprisingly he listens to me!

Rather than go to belly dance and exercise and feel better I didn't go. I played hooky. It felt kind of good. I did feel bad but I had to remind myself I go to b-dance because I 'want' to not because I 'have' to. Keith and I had a pretty good night.

On Friday we were quite productive as we not only grocery shopped we hung our x-mas lights. We decided to take advantage of the warm weather and we even managed to get them all done before the rain started. We had a bit of a bumpy night when I got a little pissy with Keith over T. Keith and I were supposed to go to go over to T's Friday evening and help her finish hanging things and then all of us would head back here. The only problem? T didn't remember our plans. Remember I mentioned I'm hormonal right now? Yah so I kind of got upset that we scheduled our evening around helping her and she forgot. I told Keith that we shouldn't bother to go over but instead go ahead with our plans of making a roast for dinner. He just wanted to get the last of her stuff hung and didn't care. I finally consented that he should just go over and I would stay home and 'watch' dinner cook. Pity party for one? T was supposed to come back with him but she was a no-show. I haven't talked to her since. We're like that. She knows I get in my moods and I know she has a million things going so I let her do her own thing and we don't call each other. I think we're supposed to hang out tomorrow evening? Not sure.

Oh yah I also got my hair cut on Friday. Short. It's awesome. I really forget how good it feels to have it this short. I paid double what I at the salon school but it was worth it.

Saturday was a totally awesome day. Keith and I both didn't get out of our pj's all day and were just so in sync. We watched tv together and then he left so I could write for a while and when I needed a rest I headed upstairs and started on my 'closet project' while he created his game. It was agreed that I have all 3 closets up stairs and this would mean no more storing clothes downstairs. It's a huge undertaking. I totally cleaned out our bedroom and more importantly our closet. That part was huge but it was so rewarding to see it done. The next steps are daunting but I hope to get this all done within the next two days WHILE doing everything else on my to-do list. I don't know if it will happen but I'm gonna try!

Today we went to Keith's family reunion. Normally we get a million emails about it but this time we just had the one and no reminders. We were joking on our way there that maybe they had cancelled or changed the date and nobody told us. No such luck. Kidding. It wasn't too bad but just like my family reunion not many people mingle except the old people who all know each other. Everyone sticks in their small clans and hang out. At the end there is usually a few draws and then everyone heads home. At least the food is always awesome.

In the past we have gone out with his brothers and sisters afterwards and this year was no exception except we all headed back to our place. Yikes. Since I have the place half torn apart with my clothes project and we still have all our halloween crap scattered everywhere I was a little nervous. But we beat them back by 2 minutes and I had enough time to get the basement into some order and we all hung out here for the rest of the afternoon. It was pretty darn good.

Now Keith is in bed ready to get up at 4:30. I'm gonna try and head to bed before midnight cause I don't want to waste the day away sleeping. Whoa. Who just said that? Weird!

A'ight I am out of things to say and have fresh clothes to fold! Ciao!

10:26 p.m. - 2008-11-09


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