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Now if I could only find where I put my entry....

Oh looky here an entry written earlier today while at work! Read on:

I am so screwed. Remember the money in the envelope I lost? Yah well it turns out that was just one of many things I have lost! I swear I donít know what to do with myself. I also Ďlostí or god-willing Ďmisplacedí 4 movie passes that I was hoping to use for x-mas gifts and the x-mas list for the secret Santa on Keithís side of the family. Looks like his brother is going to get nothing on his list this year! Oy vey I am screwed.

I was a grouchy lady yesterday. I had a crappy nightís sleep and spent most of the night awake and annoyed. I was supposed to go to the gym after work Ė no excuses Ė yah except I forgot a few essential items for working out. Man alive. So I went home had a huge pasta dinner and then went shopping with Keith. We have 3 birthday presents to buy and neither of us felt in the mood to shop. We did end up buying one and a x-mas gift for my dad so not all was lost (my dadís one of the harder ones to buy for). We then called it a night and got home a little after 8. There was no way I was going to the gym. I didnít even turn on the laptop instead I got ready for bed and was snoring beside Keith by 9:05pm. Oh yes I am that lame but I feel SO much better today.

Yesterday during my grumpy/pity party for one I was considering not doing this session of belly dancing. I already missed the first class and Iím just not in a great frame of mind these days regarding the whole bod issue. The more I thought about it the more I agreed that skipping this session would be great until some stupid part of my brain made the comment that I would be running away from my problems and making it easier on myself to just fall into a funk and dwell on the negative rather than doing something about it. Man my brain sucks sometimes. So I have decided I will go tonight and do the session. Stupid body issues.

My nano has come to a screeching halt. I was a writing machine while I was off and now nothing. Iíve dried up. Iíve come to a point in the story where I just canít focus and donít know where to go from here. Maybe next time I shouldnít brag I was doing so well! I donít hold out much hope in getting any writing done in the next few days either Ė Friday Iím getting together with C and T for dinner and hanging out (this will be where I have to come up with boundaries and go home afterwards and not go out partying with T) as weíre leaving for my parentís the next morning as soon as Keith gets home from work. So I will have to pack the car and make sure all the gifts are wrapped and ready to go (once I buy them of course!). Ugh.

I decided on my drive to work this morning that I want to start listening to x-mas music now. Is it too early? The season seems to go by so quick. I would have to unearth all my x-mas cdís so I have a feeling this wonít happen any time soon.

Iím starving! Iím off to go warm up my homemade soup that I was supposed to have yesterday for lunch but I didnít know it was frozen and would have taken forever to heat up (seriously weíre looking at 7-8 minutes in the microwave!) so I had instant soup instead Ė so not the same.

Well I think after lunch I will go through my desk once more and look for those movie tickets (I bought them through work so I was hoping theyíd be hiding in my desk but now that Iím thinking about it I think they were placed in a shopping bag cause the woman gave them to me when I was at reception....ah crap Iím in trouble.).

Is there a support group for people like me who keep losing things and are (hopefully) too young for Alzheimerís?


And now we're back to real time!

So to update I did look for the tics and I came up with nada. Dang.

I did go to belly dancing and I had such a great time! I'm an idiot for considering not going. I have made some great friends there and tonight we laughed so much and so hard that I'm pretty sure our teacher was getting impatient with us. It's great to laugh. Although the teach did tick me off, the dance she choreographed is for 6 people. I don't know if she intended it that way or last week when there were only 6 people she decided to make it up on the spot. But when me and another girl showed up tonight we were at a loss as to where we fit in. We even stood off to the side for part of the dance so I made a flippant remark about how I was hoping I'd get a discount since I'm NOT allowed to dance! Yah I was a wee bit peeved. She's apparently going to re-work the choreo and give me a discount....we'll see if either happen!

Mkay I think that's all. I should probably get ready for bed. I need my beauty sleep! Or at least to recharge my brain cells so I stop losing things!

Okay one more thing! Is it petty that when I happened to see a pic of my first ex and his girlfriend I immediately thought that I'm prettier than her? Or um at least I think so! Same with the last ex's girl. Wow aren't I the conceited one. Conceited with body issues - can you have/be both?

10:12 p.m. - 2008-11-13


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