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Slow week....

Yup just sitting here like I don't have a care in the world eating toasted pumpkin seeds and drinking diet a&w. Yah I have to work tomorrow morning what of it?

I really should be researching how much tires cost for my car - snow tires. I have never had them before but in my old age I think I should look into it. It is snowing a lot. I was out earlier tonight and the roads are crazy. People so don't know how to drive in this white stuff. I went down the other side of my crescent to see if any people on my street have their houses decorated for xmas (so far just one) and this guy comes whipping around the corner and nearly plows into me. We both slammed on our brakes and our cars continued to slide towards each other. We stopped in time but I wasn't impressed.

Poor Keith has got to work in this stuff tomorrow....or you know at 4am.

He went into work Monday at 4am and was back home by 7am shovelling our driveway and cleaning off my car - he scared the crap out of me when I heard him scraping away in the backyard. Turns out the other guy forgot he was supposed to be off this week - he mixed up his weeks. Good times.

My week has finally picked up and I am so glad tomorrow is my Friday! I am trying to figure out if I should be a good girl and get all the stuff that I have been putting off done (ie undercoating, snow tires etc) or be decadent and book a massage. I honestly don't think I can do both. I know me. I still haven't decided which I'll do.

I went to the gym Monday and Tuesday this week. I am paying for yesterday as I did weights. I did them lightly and didn't over do it but it's been a while and my body can tell. But I must admit I love the pain!!!

Tonight I went swimming with T at her mom's. I brought my flippers over so we swam super fast. I brought them cause I um pulled or strained a muscle in my....arm pit!! I thought it might hurt to swim so I could use the flippers to compensate. I turned out to be okay but still the flippers were super fun.

Okay I am going to take a few minutes to look for snow tire prices before I head to bed.

I'm looking forward to a commitment free weekend! I sense many boxes of x-mas decorations will be coming out of storage very soon!

11:09 p.m. - 2008-11-19


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