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Friday's should always be like this...

I left my house today at 11 and didn't get back till 6pm. What I did for 7 hours I have no idea!

I woke up terribly tired and was trying to pysche myself up to go to the gym for the 9:30 class. While I stumbled around the living room I looked at the gym schedule one more time and realized that I was looking at the wrong day. There wasn't a class I wanted to take today. Good enough for me! I headed back to bed! I didn't sleep but I cozied up in my very comfortable sheets and duvet and just chilled for the next hour or so. It was wonderful.

I then left for my massage which was awesome as usual. She again worked the full hour on my back. I'm sure I"ll be in pain tomorrow but that's okay it was totally worth it. I left there and took one look at my hair and knew there was no way I could go out shopping. It was BAD. Picture bed head but 10x worse. Oh yes. I came up with an excellent plan. I drove to Shoppers bought hair gel, shampoo and conditioner (all on sale - got all 3 for just over $6!). I then drove to a nearby gym that I don't go to cause it's not near me but I've been before and it's a good one. I got there just in time to join a class - I love classes. It was a cardio/weight one and yah probably not the best to do after a massage but hey at least I was working out!

I showered, gel'd my hair and then headed off for lunch. I had lunch out but actually made good food choices which kind of blew me away. Plus those choices cost me less than $4. I rock.

After...and this is where it gets fuzzy I did a lot of driving and wandering in and out of stores. I even checked out how much winter tires for my car will be - Ouch - and then called Keith who was going to be a few more hours so I did the unexpected and headed for the mall. I'm looking for a nice top to wear for our x-mas party at work - so far no luck - but I did find 2 work tops which were on sale. I also bought a few x-mas gifts as well.

A'ight the hubby is home and is kind of cranky that I didn't 'clean' the kitchen so I have to go and make nice. Oh joy. Hopefully once he has food in his belly he'll be a happier person. Fingers crossed. Just because he works 14+ hours doesn't mean he has to be a cranky pants. Or does it? Hm.

6:50 p.m. - 2008-11-21


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